Just a few details around the house within minutes of each other. Im kinda getting in the mood of capturing my kiddos more. I have gotten kinda slack with that…. may start posting more photos of just life, rather than talking so much :) Lunch clean up… We all ship in to help, usually :) […]


Weekend Wedding

This weekend was packed full. No time to blog right now but wanted to pop in and say hellooooo :) – here are a few photos from the wedding. Feel free to view the full preview over on my PHOTO BLOG. For those interested in photo gear stuff: Photographs were taken with a Canon 5D […]

Tae Kwon Do

This and That

It has been a busy week! Ive had a bit of writers block. Not sure why… but my mind has been consumed for some reason and any time I sit to write – theres nothing. So thought id just post a bunch of randomness here today… First up, check out my cuties doing some Tae […]

New Family Photos 2014

Thought it was time to post some of our new family photos taken a few weeks ago :) – My sweet friend Laurie from NC was traveling through Atlanta and made a pit stop just for us, to snag some new photos! I was so excited! She as usual did an amazing job. Here are […]

8 years in the making…

We had our family photos taken recently… by my sweet friend Laurie who lives in NC. She was traveling through GA and made a pit stop nearby our home, just for me! I felt so blessed. The pictures came out so so so SO good… I hope to share more of those next week some […]