Moving Along

I’ll be full term in a few days! (37 weeks) – and I can so feel the progression of things starting to make way right now. Sat. night was FULL of contractions, strong ones. I was up at least every hour trying to sleep my way through them. Lets just say I didn’t sleep much […]

Intercessory Prayer

I tell you, prayer is amazing. For the last week I have had THE MOST SWOLLEN ankles. Here is a reminder: I mean huge… and so uncomfortable to even walk on. My toes felt like little sausage wieners! I could barely wiggle them at night due to the swelling. Starting on Tues though I noticed […]

Week 36 – Baby #4

Well… Baby is still in! :) I went to the Dr. yesterday for my weekly stress test on baby. While there they also did the Beta Strep test and at one point even checked to make sure my water broke. I wont give details as to why hah…. Its so weird though… I saw a […]


I don’t have to much time to really dive into this post :) but I wanted to just say how thankful I am for the friendships we have here in GA. The Lord has truly LAVISHED us both with amazing friendships here. There was a time in my life where I honestly felt like I […]

Pressure – Low Fluid

Here is a quick update for everyone… as I rest my feet :) Sunday morning I really began to experience some new pressure issues. One being with my feet! If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you’ve seen the countless photos. My feet are crazy swollen! There is no longer an ankle on my […]