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I am debating taking a step away from my blog.

Like forreal.

Or maybe I should just take a step away from writing on it. To maybe just post photos.

I can’t seem to keep up with it all. The income is nice here and there with sponsored post… but it isnt a life changing amount either. I obsess over the stats and keeping up with daily post. Often wondering is it really worth it.

Once your babies grow up your stats tend to dwindle any how… unless you have a special talent that sucks people in… like the Pioneer Woman and her ability to post all those amazing recipes… or other bloggers who do make up tutorials or house renovations. Neither of which do I specialize in.

I love sharing photos… its my way of keeping a record of life. Just wonder if its worth it.

Social media too. Id say that more than my blog wear me thin. The constant need to keep up with everyone. Why? Why can’t people keep up with people like they use too…. by calling a friend or heck stopping by unannounced. I for one miss that. I wish more friends would just stop by unannounced… or shoot me a txt and say “hey, we’re in the neighborhood, going to swing by in 15, is that ok?” :) – as if Id ever say no. I dunno, sometimes I just miss the simplicity of life.

I was watching the show Call the Midwife on PBS. That show btw is awesome, go watch it ;-) – its on PBS right now every sunday… but also you can find older episodes on netflix. Such a great show. Note to dudes, you probably wont like it.

That show though and the simplicity of the midwives lives I long for.

I think in order to get to that simplicity I may need to let go of some of these not so simple “social” ways… and just be done with it. To stop using the “its for business” excuse and just break away.

The blog. Its a toss up :)

The social media. No question.

Just need to pry my face away from the ipad or iphone and be done.

… and enjoy more of this


and less of this…

Coco-cola nailed that commercial btw. Gah it was funny but man was it true and convicting. I don’t want to be like that….


It has been raining the last 2 days.


Our 70′s-80′s bid us farewell for a few days. Totally OK with that, no complaints. Could be snowing still, right? ;-) – while indoors though we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Board games do become a must.


Can you tell our floors/rugs need cleaning? gag. I did vacuum last night but I need to heavily mop soon.

What are your favorite board games? My kids recently love is Monopoly Jr. Although Caleb wants to attempt the “real” monopoly… I however am not ready for that sort of board game commitment haha.. Going to teach the kids UNO today.

God’s Favor

The last few months have been filled with lots of emotion…. and trial.
Lots of fine details and way to much to get into… but I thought it be good to jot down some of the things that have happened… as a testimony to God’s hand in our life and His amazing favor…

1. Travis’ Altima died. A car he had for around 15 years
– that had over 250,000 miles. It was a car he drove in college. It was paid for and did its job above and beyond. It was well used haha but needed around $1,500 in work done… and because of its age we just didn’t feel it would be wise to dump money into a car that had so much use already put on it. So we looked into buying something new (used – new to us)… Travis looked into buying a truck. He has always wanted one.

He found one. A 2008 Chevy Silverado… black. Decked out. Awesome looking truck.

In fact, here is a photo…


He was so excited about this truck. Which made what happened next so hard.

1 week after we had it, it died
. Needed a new alternator… so the shop guy recommended by the dealer told us. $300.00 later… he drives it to work after the new alternator is installed…. and, it died again. By this point my husband was literally sick to his stomach. When he purchased this truck, he went into it wanting a truck that would not need work for years… it should not have needed anything for years… and yet we seemed to have picked a lemon. Because it was used though it did not qualify under the lemon laws in georgia… the dealer we got it from refused to give us our money back but agree’d to resell it for us on his lot. He also paid for it to be fixed by the chevy dealer… at no charge… but even with it fixed we no longer wanted it… just had a bad feeling about keeping it. I think most would. None the less… we had no other option… but to trust that it sell again on this guy’s lot… Not even a week later, it sold. We however lost our deposit of $1,000.00…

… but… and this is such a God thing. Our Altima sold that same day the truck sold for $1,000.00. So we broke even, owing nothing.

Total God moment :)

Since then we have purchased a Toyota Rav 4 2012? I think ? Not sure the year but its rather new and only had 34,000 miles! So this compact SUV will last us many many years and more than likely will be Caleb’s car when he turns 16 ;-) – haha… at least we joke that it will be.

God provided…. even when we doubted it work out.

Thankful to have 2 vehicles. Both nice, both working… and both reliable. We are blessed.

Next update…

2. Travis’ job.

You all know his shift is hard on me.

He is only home 2 nights a week. His off days rotate every 3 weeks…. and he only gets weekends off every 3 months. It makes having a life beyond this house, hard. I felt secluded… alone… and like a hermit most weeks… loneliness ate my lunch many days… and I found myself in bed a lot depressed and fighting thoughts of abandonment… from friends as well as God. It was hard.

Travis put a request in to get Day Watch… which would basically be the best shift on the force… 6am-2:30pm… When he requested it, he was told the soonest he’d get it would MAYBE be in 6 months… even then no promises… His Captain knew our situation… Travis was honest with him about me… and how hard this was on our family… but even with that, no promises.

Yet… not even a week after requesting this… his Captain called him in and told him the shift was his… One of Travis’ friends and partners he worked with had first dibs to this opening… and his friend chose to give Travis’ his spot, knowing what it mean to me.


I immediately felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders… and a renewed sense of hope… I cannot even express how happy this makes me.

My husband will be home at night now…

He will be home to spend evenings with his children and help tuck them in.

He will be home to sit at the dinner table with us… and enjoy a normal meal…

He will be home to allow me to go out with some girlfriends or attend a ladies bible study…

I will be able to home school our boys like we use too…. and honestly “prefer” – vs. him schooling them. No offense to his methods, he was great… it just made it hard to do things the way I wanted to in the home school room with Travis always there… I know that sounds totally strange but the two of us home schooling together did not work well… it needed to be either or… and I much prefer it be me.

I can now attend home school trips… and other events with other home school moms… without that constant weight of “my husband wont be home when we get back” feeling… most home school trips happened during the morning/early afternoon hours… I always felt torn between Travis’ “off hours” and any events like that… Now I don’t have to worry about that at all.

We can go on our trips. Be gone all day… and when we return, their daddy will be home now.

God’s hand is all over this.

What a blessing.

I got even more blessings I could talk about… but can’t just yet. (NO IM NOT PREGNANT). In time ill be able to talk about more. Just had to update everyone on this though and thank everyone for your prayers.

Odd feeling

3 days ago I got to experience a first. I was put under general anesthesia to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. I heard if you are going to have it done, that is the way to do it. So since we have good dental insurance, I went with that option. Prior to this visit I finally went in for a dental cleaning. It had been 5 years :-\ and 2 babies since my last cleaning. I knew something was not right going into this apt. …. was pretty sure something was wrong with my left wisdom tooth. Sure enough, it was broken on the back end of it and also had a rather large cavity. It was beyond repair. So the Dentist recommended I just go ahead and have all 4 of them removed to avoid problems later in life. I suppose its easier to have 4 cut out at age 30 than it would be at 50.

So I did… and let me tell you. Such an odd feeling! They started me on some “gas” – she compared it to drinking a lot of wine… as they had me breathing that stuff in they began prepping my arm for an IV. I was lucid enough at that point to tell her I was a hard stick. She began pushing around looking for a vein that would work. Looked on both arms, both wrist… and began prepping my left arm. I told her (still lucid enough to remember this), after 4 babies and many IV’s, the nurses have never gotten a good IV into my left arm.. so she then went back to my right. Sprayed some cold spray on it that numbs it? Why on earth btw dont they numb your skin for IVs in the hospital. What a difference! After that IV I remember the room began to fill up with clouds. Literally could not see below my cheeks… and then this really large (by large I mean EXTREMELY tall) man looked over me and said with a very deep voice “ARREEEE YOUUU OK???” and I remember just smiling at him saying yes… The Surgeon came over, looked at me and said “lets get this started.” and that was the last thing I remember.

Apparently I was unable to walk from the car to our house. They said I laughed, cried, fell to my knees kinda thing. Then Travis had to carry me upstairs to our bedroom where I slept for hours.

Someone brought their loopie mom flowers from our yard ?? #boymom #loved #wisdomteethrecoveryThe teeth seem to be healing fine. I had to be on the pain meds all day the 1st day and yesterday. They made me majorly sleepy, jittery and dizzy though. Was so hard to keep my head up. I lost 2 lbs (weighed myself this morning) – as I felt thin… I tell you if I dont eat, I shrivel up fast. I still cannot eat hard foods… this AM I had to eat soggy cereal :-\ – and my jaw is still bothering me a bit, especially my right side. Avoiding pain meds today if possible though so I wont be so dizzy…

Kids have been sweet. Bringing me flowers and praying for me.

While it is not a fun experience to have 4 teeth removed from your face… It sure is nice to relax a bit :) – just saying.

Thankful for my parents who came up for a week to help out while I was resting… and my husband who was off the last 2 days and took off an extra day today to be here incase needed. Had a few people asking how I was feeling, so thought a blog post would do the trick.

Thank’s yall for the prayers. Here is hoping things continue to heal… I avoid dry socket… and am good to go by next week.

March Favorites

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Flax/Chia/Hemp Seeds
*so many seeds but oh so good!! and good for you – winner – all my kids liked them*

New Favorite Youtuber – Holistic Habits. Shes awesome, so young and knowledgeable.
*here is one video she does talking about natural hair care. her hair is amazing!*

Oil Pulling and it’s Benefits
*its kinda gross but if I can do it and not gag, you can too*

I also am debating doing a post on how and why I use OIL to clean my face with
… I have not purchased a normal “face wash” in years… I only use oil now and it has done amazing things for my skin. If you would be interested in hearing about how I oil cleanse and why, comment & let me know :)

Have a great weekend everyone, I will probably be away til Monday.