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To the Mom’s of Boys

Many who read this blog, may not know the small details to my life… such as how old I was when I got married. Many who I tell, gasp. cringe. think I am insane. wonder why. and often times, just give a smile and say something awkward.

I admit. I feel alone in my young age with so many on occasion. Majority of the time though, I am thankful.

I got married at 19.

2 years (not even) fresh out of high school.

I don’t have the memories of college dorms… or living on my own. While I attended a community college for a few years, it wasn’t much more than a couple classes and waitressing in between. Yes I use to waitress :) – another fact many may not know.

I always lived at home.

When I got married I had only had a license for two years.

I think my bank account had a few hundred bucks.

I don’t even think I had cooked a full meal on my own (my poor husband).

I was, young.

Travis and I choosing to get married when we did was meant to be. I don’t have regret of that… but I will say, being 19… and a wife. It’s a lot to take in.

Quickly into our marriage God began to bless us with children. I got pregnant 2 mo. after we got married… only to miscarry that sweet baby who I do believe was a boy… who we named Daniel (Ive never shared that here btw… but felt it was time), He passed just shy of my 2nd trimester. It was crushing and hard… and I remember it taking years to recover from. Even after the Lord blessed us with our 1st born Caleb, I had many boo hoo moments where Id cry over that small baby Daniel’s ultrasound. It is precious to me… and a memory I cherish. I know my husbands mom has a sweet baby boy with her in Heaven and that right there, brings me peace. Travis’ mom never got to meet me… or any of our children. I just have this mental image of her grinning with the same smile Travis inherited from her :) – as that sweet baby entered the gate.

After my 1st born Caleb was born, just shy of my 21st birthday… I never could have imagined the Lord would give me 3 more boys.

This verse holds such truth and is one of my favorites….

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.”
- Psalm 127:4

I am completely covered in boy love every single day…. and while some days are harder than others. One thing remains constant. They love me.

ED9A4643They love my imperfections.

They love me after I completely loose it…

They love me even after a bad meal with lots of veggies they hated to eat.

They love me after a long school day, where tempers boiled and tears may have been shed.

They love me with or with out my make up.

They love me with or without a bra.

They love me squishy stomach and soft unripped body and all.

They love my stupid faces and annoying voices.

They love me even in my brokeness.

Boys. Are the best…. and while it is all I know. What I do know is, I am so glad God gave me a house full of boys, who I know, love me in a way, that blesses me each and every day.

So. To the Mom of Boys.

Be brave.

Put on your flip flops or muddy shoes and get dirty.

Throw out the tight clothes and fashion forward skirts… (saving them for girls nights or a date night. No need to be mom-ish all the time)

Sit down, build, create… love on those boys. The messes, the boy jokes and obsession over their privates (already, geez) and smelly feet. One day, when they leave home, they will look back on their sweet short ole mom, and remember how she put up with all of it… and even when they leave, they will love you, in a way, that will forever melt your heart.

Remain strong. Guiding them and teaching them. One thing I am realizing, year after year… as I meet new people… am around others… see families at the park… and so on, is that God is so clear in His Word on how we are to teach… and guide… and discipline our children. There is nothing more frustrating to deal with than children who do not respect and obey. While every child will disobey… and disrespect at some point… teaching them the truth on why these things are so wrong… and so bad, is so important.

“He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently.”
- Proverbs 13:24

I am so thankful that from the get go, The Lord began to work in my heart as well as my husbands in these areas… and while I know, our boys are not perfect. I am proud of them. I am proud of the fact I can go out with all 4 and be okay. I am thankful for their obedience and respect for others… while they have their moments of failure… like everyone… I see a desire in them to please. I love how when I call their name, they now say “Mam’…” and while it is just one word… it is a word that just echo’s respect and honor… and I am thankful for how we have pushed and taught our boys the value in this. I hope and pray my boys continue to grow… and mature…. desire to serve, treat others with respect… and dig more and more into God’s Word as the years pass.

Often times Believers are criticized on the verse above… where it speaks about the Rod. I for one am not here to tell anyone how to discipline their child. I think that is something a parent has to come to a decision about. We hardly spank it seems these days… but there is a time and place for it in our books. Done in love and with proper teaching to go with it. I remember early on as a mom, one time my child darted out from my arms in a busy parking lot and all I could see flashing before my eyes, was a car coming and when I yelled “STOP!!” that child disobeying me and getting killed by the passing car. This thankfully did not happen… but it surely could have.

Children need to be taught to obey… and fast…

No matter how you choose to discipline… always follow through. Actions always have consequences… My boys know this… and while at times it seemed like a loosing battle… Now that my oldest is almost 10, I am finally beginning to see the fruit of all that hard work…

Thankful for God’s Word.

Thankful for Wisdom.

For guidance and examples from other moms.

IThere is no shame and no harm in ever going to a friend and asking her questions… if anything I believe that to be biblical… I have done it myself… in fact I just did it last week… called up a mom of 8 (almost 9) – just asking her plain and simple “How do you do it….” in regards to home school, etc… as soon as I was ready to quit… give up, toss my kids on a school bus, she encouraged me… and gave me that boost that I needed to stick with my gut and keep at it. Those conversations are…



…and so worth having.

Thankful to be where I am today.

Now 30.

No longer a teenager ;-) – newly married with one baby.

Lord has been good to me.

I am loved. By Him… and thankful for my these boys, all blessings.

ED9A4652 copy2

Pixie Hair Journey Update – One Year?

Thought it was time to do a pixie hair update! If you have followed me for at least a year, you would have been around for when I donated 11 inches of hair to a Cancer Foundation. The long locks went fare well, onto a better use, hopefully… while I got to sport a fun pixie for many months.

Flash Back.


I am super bipolar though when it comes to my hair. I get bored easily and often times want a change. So, it comes to no surprise I am growing my hair out again.

Here is a side by side update of the hair as of today. I posted this on instagram [@dreawood]

These are all 8 weeks apart: so far right 16 weeks ago. Middle 8 weeks ago. Right today. I see progress! #growingoutapixie #hairjourney

Left to Right. 16 weeks ago – 8 weeks ago – This Week

SO as you can see, there is progress! Inbetween growing out my hair I do wear clip in extensions by Irresistible Me (coupon code to the left on my side bar). It has been a lot of fun to have those to switch things up a bit. On certain days Im totally cool and content with my hair right now… but some days I wake up and want long hair again. So the extensions are pure “fun” for me :) – and just a little treat for myself. I don’t lavish in myself often, so its just one way to do that without to much hassle.

After feeling cruddy for two days I actually woke up feeling normal today. So why not have fun and use my #extensions :) always fun. This little man always seems puzzled though as to why mommys hair gets long over night ;) @irresistiblemehairofficial #irr

Inbetween the growing out process, I am also trying to grow out my bangs again. Yall, what a battle. Who knew bangs could create such a love hate relationship within one self hah… I seriously love bangs! love them. I just hate the upkeep they bring! I am having to trim them every 2 weeks to keep them maintained…. and going to a stylist to have them trimmed every 2 weeks just doesnt work for me. I am to busy. So im sick of messing with them and going to “Yet again” grow them out. :::I am sure ill fail::: – keep me accountable? ;-)

On days I don’t wear my extensions, I tend to braid back my over grown bangs into a mini french braid. (I will post a tutorial on how to do it below) – its easy to do, works really well on greasy hair… and keeps hair out of your face on those hot summer days.

Here is an idea of what it looks like:

This is my #gotosummerhair - part hair on preferred side. Do a rather harsh part. Then French or Dutch braid down the front pulling up bangs and pieces of hair along th front: then use a small hair band to tie off braid. Pull hair back in pony tail or bun

Here is the video of how to french braid your hair into a side part:

Skip to the 5:55 minute mark to get to braid portion – her entire video is cute though….

If you are on Pinterest, follow my “enjoying locks” board. I
pin hair styles I may want some day ;-)

Cheers to easy braids and pony tails for summer – fun with extensions… and embracing the growing out process that comes with growing out a pixie. I can officially say now though, my hair is no longer a pixie ;-) – and since it is to the collar bone, I think that count as “a medium length” hair style, don’t you think?


Attempting to organize the school room some... Got a summer cold or allergies going on tho. Cannot stop sneezing! Hoping to get a nap while this wee one sleeps. #wishfulthinkingEver have those days that seems to just go on.

and on.

The type that your kids seem to be at each other, the baby is fussy for no real reason. The weather gloomy… and to top it off, a cold has invaded your face – making it impossible to breathe? That has been my sorta day today.

I just couldn’t do much of anything today without feeling completely bogged down and tired.

I got online for a little today… I will admit, I have been neglecting my blog. Something I do enjoy… yet as each day passes, feel a bit of distance from it… wondering why I do it… Yall have heard this before ;-) – my thinking its time to retire it. Take a break. A hiatus. Yet still coming back to it.

I have just heard from so many amazing women through my blog…. and while my blog is small… compared to the vast amt. of bloggers out there…. I still love the community it brings to me from around the globe. To those who have written, thanks you. To those who mail packages. So so sweet. Means the world! To those who comment and interact on here, instagram or facebook. I love it.

Blogging to me is so much more than just to blog my cute kids. While it started out as a means to communicate and stay in touch with family back in 05… it really became much more than that for me soon after starting.

Thanks to yall.

Im wanting to do more with my blog but unsure where to start.

Do you all have any ideas for post you’d like to see? Would it be weird to vlog some? Show videos of us doing every day stuff? does that interest you all any? I for one love vloggers ;-) – im a youtube fan as well.

Comment. Let me know. Would love to hear from you all. Esp. the readers who lurk and don’t speak ;-)

DIY Bin Cage

As you all know, we have a few pets. One of those pets is my son Taite’s Syrian Hamster. We got her from Petsmart for $10 bucks. Very inexpensive little pet… with proper handling they can be quiet friendly.. you just have to get them use to you. My son apparently is the hamster whisperer though… he is amazingly good with animals esp. small ones :) – and for some reason they never bite him. Who knows. Any how… Taite’s hamster Daisy was a bit to large for his smaller hamster cage he kept his former Hamster Pip in – you know the lil dude who went Viral.

I saw lots of cages at petsmart and other local pet shops for hamsters Daisy’s size… but all of them had low bedding areas with bars (which will result in lots of messes. Hamster borrow and make beds in their bedding, which creates an over spill… such a pain!)… or they had a ton of tubes and cheap plastic that looked easily cracked or broken. Not to mention the price tag was over $40.00 in most cases. No thanks. I didn’t have much luck on Craigslist either.

So I decided to make a bin cage.

ED9A1921Here is what you will need:

1 Large Plastic Bin with lid
(Walmart $6.00-10.00 depending on size)
Flat Screws (tiny ones, with out the pointy end, should be flat)
Nuts (that go with the screws)
*got all 3 of those at walmart, very cheap!*
Chicken Wire *from lowes – get the smallest holed one they have*
A Jig Saw (we borrowed our neighbors)
Sand Paper (to smoothe edges)
Screw Driver *to put screws in tight*
Magic Marker or Masking Tape
Wire Cutters

***that seems like a lot!! it really wasnt though. We had most of these things on hand… so it wasn’t much work to gather all the supplies***


1. Take your magic marker or masking tape and mark off the area’s you want to cut out with the jig saw. You want to put an opening on both longer sides of the tub as well as an opening up top. This way hamster gets air circulation throughout the entire cage. Make sure you place the side cut outs higher up, so to avoid hamster bedding spillage ;-) – I think I placed ours at least 3.5 inches up… if not higher. Daisy who is pretty big cant even reach them when stretching… so they are pretty high up.

2. Take a match or something and heat up one of those flat screws or a sharp metal pointy object to poke a small hole at the corner of where you want to begin using your jig saw. This is just an easy way to get the jig saw in place and get to sawing. Saw slowly once you start to avoid cracking. It takes a little bit of time but is fairly easy to do.

3. Once cut outs are done, take sand paper to smoothe edges you just cut…

4. Take screw driver and drill holes around the outside of the cut out you just made.


5. Place chicken wire (pre-cut to the shape you need) *I did this before hand, once I knew how large my holes would be* – use the screws/washer/washer/nut *hope that makes sense!* – screw on tight with your hand (got back later with screw driver once everything is in place, to make sure things are tight)

6. Place hamster stuff inside and you are done.

I hope that made some sense. There are TONS of fun tutorials online you can find with VIDEOS on how to do this. Some of them say you can use a box cutter to cut the plastic. Dont even try. It does not work. Find a friend with a jig saw and use that instead.

This cage has been great. Its light weight.

Easy to clean.

Large enough for Daisy.

So much better than any hamster cage we’ve ever used otherwise.



Thats how I feel some days too Daisy :)


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Hope to post a review on my Extensions this week! I can’t seem to keep up with my blog these days… but am on Instagram often (oh how easy it is)… here are a few grams of the week.

Took the dudes to see how to train your dragon 2 - Owen was the only willing one to take a pic with me. :) he's my cutie!

New Hutch with my moms amazing Dishes from England. I love them.

My new hutch! My dad gave me it. The dishes my mom got as a wedding gift :) / I love then! May paint this one day tho. Slate gray... White?? Not sure.

Extension Love

Enjoying my #irresistiblemeextensions this am. I've had a fever the last two days and with that came horrible head aches. Extensions def do not team well with head colds  ... Woke up feeling better today tho so decided to play with the hair. Y'all it's so

Happy Fathers Day Bulletin fun.

Some of my super hero dudes happy to have worshipped at #firstbaptistwoodstock his morn. We've missed it. Love their bulletins :) always so fun. @allenoliver

Nana Hugs

My mom soaking up reed love. @dulceknits

Caleb Home School Testing (hes officially a 4th grader!)

Caleb doing his end of grade test. Required by the state of Georgia. He was nervous :) #homeschool

No Shame in a lil Water Play Mess.

#boys #alwaysmessy

Roller Skating on Family Night.


One of the many Wild Flowers in my Garden

Instead of a garden this year I planted #wildflowers :) and I love them.

Sunday Morning with my boys.

Headed to #firstbaptistwoodstock with my dudes. :) wish my husband could come. #dudemom

Until I get a chance to blog. Hope everyone has a grand week enjoying summer – you know its “officially summer” ;-) – we are loving our trips to the pool and relaxed non-schooling schedule. So nice!


& of course no summer is complete with our vegging on the iPhone at some point ;-)