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Less than a week

In less than a week we will be moved. Well, sorta. We pack up the moving truck this weekend, on the 4th of July no less… I guess you could say we have no plans for the 4th… :-\ – although I do hope we can do some sparklers or simple fire works with the boys… something to celebrate in the midst of all the packing.

We’ve had a rough few weeks… emotionally this has been so hard for me. I look so forward to it yet I dread the move. I think the stress of selling a home, finding a new home… all the while dealing with four boys, is just a lot to handle. It has without a doubt been one of our more stressful moves. In the midst of it all we got sick. We haven’t had a cold in over a year… and it seems as soon as things got busy, we got hit.

Our #medicinecabinet the last few days. Our insurance is not active for like a month so I'm avoiding taking Taite to the doctor for antibiotics. If I had insurance I probably would have gone just to get this junk gone faster. Antibiotics do serve their puOwen, Taite, Reed and Travis all got colds. Owen a few weeks prior. Then the other 3 really close together. Reed experienced his first night terror from it. It was horrible to witness… poor thing just screamed and screamed.

Our insurance right now is in a state of limbo too. Travis’ last job as a cop was June 19th.. with that, went our insurance. Our new insurance doesn’t kick in yet… so we are kind of in a vulnerable state. While we know if something major happened we would be okay (its complicated but the police dept. insurance we had, has a 1 mo. cushion for anything serious, like broken arms, etc…). So we knew we would be fine in those situations.. but with something like a cold… we knew going to the Doctor would just rack up some more bills. So we had to treat these bugs naturally.. and while it does take longer, it does work.

I used my rocky mountain oils religiously!! (btw, they have free shipping until the 30th!! be sure to take advantage of that). I diffused their Immune Strength blend (I make my own now, since I own all the oils in it). I also used their Immune Strength on the boys feet, my husbands feet… and myself. Even though I wasn’t sick, you better believe I was taking precautions not to get sick.

I also diffused their Breathe Ease oil to help the boys out with their cough and congestion.

Taite ended up with an ear infection… and to treat that I used Lavender & Melaleuca oil around the ear (mind you, never in the ear, do not put essential oils into your childrens ears!). I also used these garlic drops (I got mine from whole foods, but amazon has them too).

I also used Zarabees night time cough syrup with Taite. Seemed to help settle him A LOT. Walmart carries this btw. Its great and natural!

and… on top of it all, I made Taite and Travis (Reed couldn’t handle it obviously and Owen recovered really fast, so he never needed most of the above). I crushed up raw garlic with a grate… and put about a clove into a teaspoon of honey. Made them down it with a cup of whole milk… From what my friend Nichole told me (mom of 9), its a great natural antibiotic.

While we still have a lingering cough… there is no more ear infection… no more fevers…

Thankful that we were able to knock this out without a $100 doctor visit. :)

Essential Oils are awesome and I am thankful for natural healing.

I think our sweet Toby is a wee confused as to what is going on with all the furniture moving out and boxes. For three weeks he'll have to stay with my parents ???? I hope he does ok. We'll then have to move him again into our new house July 27th. HWe close on the house July 6th (Monday)… and make our way to SC that same day. We wont close on our house though until July 27th.. so for roughly 20 days we wont have a house. We have a place to stay though. I will stay with my parents and Travis’ will stay with a church member. Complicated :) – but thankful for options.

Pray for us as we get into some sort of routine out of our home… also for Toby our cat! He has to stay at my parents house with us… and there are some nerves right now on edge, worried he may have accidents or claw their nice furniture. He doesnt claw our furniture (Ever!!) but you just never know how an animal will respond in a change of environment. We have def. noticed Toby seems on edge since the “boxing” up the house began. I totally think animals sense change…

Sorry for the lack of blogging :) – I do miss it!

I look forward to blogging more once we move and settle. I cant wait to show everyone photos of our new house!!

Look back

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Few Packing in betweens

In between all the packing we’ve been doing. I did try and break out the camera some. Tomorrow we will have the realtor’s photographer come in. Its part of her percentage she takes, so despite being fully capable of doing the photos myself, I’m handing that rope off to her photographer and sitting this oneContinue Reading

Packing away

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Move 9!

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On the road again

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May 12

May 12

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The Past, part of the processing?

The Past, part of the processing?

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Satisfied – Adoption?

Satisfied – Adoption?

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Social Media Heaviness

Social Media Heaviness

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