If you live on the east coast, you are probably experiencing some rainy days. At least we are here in SC. I think today is day 5 of rain. Its almost to the point its becoming depressing… although I am thankful for the cooler temps. Still, after 5 days of constant rain and mist… you […]

Abraham the Camel

This weekend we had a church picnic. It took place on the farm we spent 5 weeks at. I found it sweet, that when we pulled up, Reed (age 2) said “Its my house!” – remembering where we called home for those few weeks. They loved it there. We had an amazing turn out at […]


Total fail this week to blog… sorry! It has been so busy getting back into the routine of home schooling. I feel like we are still adjusting to a new schedule as well. For the last few years in Atlanta I had gotten use to my husband working a set amount of hours on certain […]

Moved in

We are officially moved in! Yay! Finally :) We moved our final bit of “stuff” (mostly beds, our kitchen table, computer, plates, etc) on Tuesday last week [Thank you for all those who helped! We could not have done it without you]. It has taken us the rest of the week to unpack all the […]

Paint, updates, oil sale?

To those who follow me on Instagram, you already know we have been busy painting our new house. The house we closed on friday was beautiful but the paint choices the previous owners had chosen, just didn’t match us well. So we are repainting a few rooms to start… Id love to paint more but […]