Super simply recipe kids love. Beefy noodles!

Beefy Noodles Recipe

Beefy Noodles was a recipe I was introduced to many years ago while we lived in Northern Ohio. My friend Jodie use to make me this and it always brought me comfort. It is one of those awesome comfort foods that you sometimes over eat when you have. I’ve had to practice restraint. :) It […]

One of the easiest and tastiest Whole Grain Brownie Recipes Ive ever had.

Whole Grain Brownie Recipe

I have tried MANY whole grain brownie recipes. They either come out to dense or bland. I love baking with whole grains but found myself when it came to brownies, falling back on box mixes in order to achieve the brownie we liked best. A few weeks ago while feeling adventurous, with guest coming to […]

Simple Chocolate Frosting

My oldest son Caleb celebrated turning 11 this weekend. If you saw yesterdays post you saw a few highlights from that… I thought Id share a new recipe I tried for his birthday. I made up my 1st ever chocolate frosting recipe. I’ve done “vanilla” frosting before… but never chocolate. Not to long ago I […]

A really simple Pizza Sauce recipe the entire family will enjoy. Much cheaper to make than buying it pre-made too.

Homemade Pizza Sauce

This is a favorite of mine, that I thought I had posted it already but apparently I hadn’t. My mom had asked me if I had my Homemade Pizza sauce recipe on the blog. I told her I wasn’t sure, so I looked… sure enough it wasn’t. So I thought it was due time to […]