Super simple recipe for a Double Chocolate Pound Cake

Double Chocolate Pound Cake

May as well start 2016 off with a new recipe! I was baking this 2 nights ago and told my husband, I need to blog this. Why? So I don’t lose the recipe! Travis’ sister Tracy makes this pound cake and I always loved it so much. So I asked her for the recipe recently […]

A 3 ingredient recipe for smooth and silky homemade face lotion.

Homemade Face Lotion

I’ve posted recipes for homemade lotion before. Such as my Lotion Bars (I use these every night on my face, love them!) as well as my whipped body butter. A little over a week ago though I decided to try making a smooth face lotion to use just for my face. Although you could still […]

3 ingredient recipe for soft nutella cookies

Soft Nutella Cookie Recipe

My friend Heather (shes on instagram @heatherllove) shared a recipe where she took Nutella and made some brownies. I have had a jar of Nutella in our pantry for a month now. Our boys were on the fence about its taste plain. Some liked it so so… others not so much. (Here is a video […]

Super simply recipe kids love. Beefy noodles!

Beefy Noodles Recipe

Beefy Noodles was a recipe I was introduced to many years ago while we lived in Northern Ohio. My friend Jodie use to make me this and it always brought me comfort. It is one of those awesome comfort foods that you sometimes over eat when you have. I’ve had to practice restraint. :) It […]