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Inbetween the Books

Inbetween the books and schooling my dudes….





You can find me photographing for Boba :)

I finally get to link yall to some of the photos I took for Boba earlier this year. They came out with some new prints. Both for their carriers and wraps. I love them. Below is one of my favorite photos out of the bunch. Model Tiffany – amazing mom of 3 modeling her youngest, who was just so precious. This photo for me sums up my love for babywearing… and the dad’s expression was just perfect. Thank you to all my amazing models and for Boba who helped put this together as well. I think we all made a great team this year.


See more of the new prints on the Boba Website.

I also got to photograph this cutie over the weekend….


& this coming weekend ill get to photograph THIS ARTIST in concert. SO EXCITED about that. As well as like 9 students for school photos & a sweet little guy on Saturday who I photographed at age 1.

Its been kinda a slow season for me with photography. I didn’t push it over the summer… not to many families want portraits when its super hot… and well honestly, I was a bit burned out that I needed a break. I think its good for photographers to take occasional breaks to recharge. Im back in the swing though and look forward to a busy fall. I only wish I had more energy…. seems with photography teamed with home schooling and the task of housework and cooking meals, it leaves little left. Im worn out by 1pm most days and by the end of the day I am just whooped. I so wish I liked coffee…..

If anyone is curious how schooling has been with the boys this year. I thought about doing a post with our daily routine laid out. Anyone interested in that? If not, I probably wont blog it. So do comment ;-)

Reed’s Coffee Time

One of Reed’s new favorite things to do, is have Coffee with his Daddy. It is so cute! Most times when Travis gets home from work, he has a small cup. He makes Reed a small cup with LOTS of cream ;-) – and Reed just loves it. He begs for more.




“signing more” :-)




He does

For those curious if Reed has hair now.


He sure does :) – however, it does this.

HAHA…. Sticks straight up!!! Its super thin still too. I think his days of a full head of hair are still a ways away.. However, his spikey locks sure are cute :)

We have family in town the rest of the week and Caleb’s 10th birthday this Saturday. So I have a feeling my post may be few til next week. Do be sure though to enter the giveaway I have up this week! It ends next Monday. Also use the coupon code “wood10″ at check out over at Rocky Mountain Oils. It expires on Sunday!

… and if you want follow me on instagram for daily photos of the fam. Have a great weekend everyone!

Not Florida but it’ll do

We found a fun little oasis to take the boys to this week. We went Wednesday on Travis’ off day… and plan to go again on Friday (his 2nd off day). The boys had so much fun. The weather was perfect… and the water felt like bath water.

Here is a little glimpse into our evening… I took along my point and shoot cam… not my norm. I feel naked without my Mark 3… but when you go to sandy places with lots of kids, the idea of toting around a lot of gear is less than ideal ;) – so lil canon g9 it is!




Sorry random bikini mom for capturing your back side :)













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I love how close these two are….


Truly is so sweet to see. Reed trust and loves his big brother so much. Even when he is rotten and showing his up and coming age 2 off a bit, Caleb is so patient with him.