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Celebrating Reed turning 2

We postponed Reed’s birthday by a few weeks, so that my parents could be here. It wasn’t much… but we made cup cakes for Reed and let him open a few gifts. Its all kids need at this age to feel special… and his expressions say it all…



Always a bottle in hand (hes a wee obsessed)









Biking & Baking

Busy week… so the depth of my post are some more photos biking … I try to walk daily if possible. It is about all I can give right now in the area of physical fitness. As much as id love to get ripped right now and be in super shape, now is not the season. I am just trying to get a few moments of physical activity in each day, even if its just walking. With walking, it is a win win, keeps the kids happy and gives me some sanity too, inbetween worrying about my kids running into cars parked on the road (this happened recently) and them falling. Other than that, its kinda relaxing. I think. Haha….We have a great neighborhood to walk in. Lots of shade. Lots of hills. So it gives you a good workout ;-) – esp pushing a 25+ lb baby in a stroller.


Reed if you can’t tell, loves walks too.


The kid’s gloves and attire for this particular bike ride make me smile :)


Another thing we love to do these days, is to bake. Fall stirs up my love for baking every time!




Biking with the dudes

Just a few photos from a trip I took with the boys last week biking. This place is beautiful… although a tad bumpy for a new bike rider. Poor Owen fell A LOT haha… and Taite at one point got bit by an unknown bug that we couldnt find, but he had like 3 bites on his shoulder. Still not sure what bit him.

Was nice to get out and let the kids explore…. Below are a few photos from the adventure :)


Owen way off in the distance.


Reed’s Wheels.



We made a pit stop on a bridge.


Boys had to check out the creek and throw a few rocks.

IMG_9578 IMG_9584





& ending note.

Reed gagging on a piece of apple. Taite itching and ripping his shirt off. And lots of dirty feet and tires.


Life with boys is far from easy or clean haha… thankful for safety and the time I get to spend with them daily. Also can I just tell you, I cannot stand cheap bikes. They do not make bikes well these days. We have so many malfunctions with chains, seats and handle bars, that its pretty ridiculous. We hate to invest a lot into bikes at our boys ages, since they grow so fast… but part of me wants to spend more, so we can avoid the headache of cheap bikes! The Bike Caleb is riding was my brothers. It is over 20 years old and that thing works better than any of the bikes we have purchased for our boys in the last few years. It is a 1980 something Huffy haha… still kickin!

Homemade Cocoa (chocolate) Ice Cream

I have tried MANY Homemade Ice Cream recipes over the years… and each and every time I am left disappointed. Either to much vanilla… not enough chocolate… or just a weird unpleasant consistency. Well, this weekend, I found a winner, well worth sharing.

I wanted some ice cream for Reed’s 2nd birthday… so I decided to try THIS ONE out. It was a HUGE HIT and I loved it. I btw am not a huge ice cream fan, so for me to like it, means its really good :)

ED9A9406 copy

Homemade Cocoa (chocolate) Ice Cream


  • 1 C honey granules (or sugar)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 large egg whites
  • 1 cup cocoa
  • 1 1/2 C whole milk
  • 1 1/2 C cream
  • 1/2 Tbsp vanilla


  1. The instructions for this are about as easy as it gets. Take ALL the above ingredients... put them into your NINJA or blender. Mix it all up til it creates a smooth consistency...
  2. Once blended all together, pour in the ingredients into your ice cream maker. Now a heads up... our ice cream maker was not large enough to fit all of the above mixture. So what I did was just poured in what I could into the machine, then I put the remaining mixture into a mason jar in my refrigerator. This weekend we celebrated Reed's 2nd birthday... so we enjoyed the ice cream on saturday... then on sunday, we made up the 2nd batch. Easy peasy! I just poured what was in the fridge, into the ice cream maker the next day and made a 2nd batch.
  3. Thats it! :)
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To view the original recipe, CLICK HERE. She gives directions on how to make this without an ice cream machine. However, I found my way works great for those with a machine… requires a lot less steps than her directions.


Enjoy! :) & for viewing pleasure, baby Reed enjoying his ice cream yesterday.

ED9A9411 ED9A9412


Yes he prob could have used a bib…


Reed’s 2…

Hard to believe that it has been two years since sweet baby Reed entered our family.

IMG_9873 copy

IMG_0011He was a precious surprise that came to us during a time of such uncertainty. For those who follow my blog you know the journey…know that when I found out I was pregnant with Reed, Travis was unemployed…. we had just gone through a huge trial with job-loss, a church badly hurting us… and in the midst of heavy counseling in a program called City of Refuge. The timing of it all made no sense at the time… but boy am I thankful for him now. What a blessing!!

Reed brought a lot of challenges for me. I battled really bad PPD with him… its amazing what our hormones and no sleep can do to our minds. I was a mess!! I had to be medicated… It got that bad. Reed did not sleep through the night until 7 mo. of age… he was up every 3 hours. I tried it all, nothing worked. We had issues with him having sensitivities to dairy… and because my milk would not let down (I now know it was all tied into my emotional state with the PPD), we had such a hard time getting him to gain weight… and I remember that 1st year being so so stressful. Once he began to sleep though and eat food… things became much easier. Even in the hard times, this lil dude, was a joy… and oh so precious.



IMG_1537 copy





It took Reed over a year to really start to get hair :) – was so funny when he finally did.










Reed at age two does the best he can to keep up with his brothers. He is all boy… but still so so SO attached to his mama. Although I will say, he is pretty darn attached to his big brother Caleb. The relationship they have is more precious than words. It melts my heart every time I see them together… and the bond they have is just so dear to me.

Reed sleeps a lot (FINALLY). He goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until 9am. Yes please ;-) – oh man what a blessing haha… some mornings he sleeps even later.

Reed still naps 2-3 hours a day as well. Typically from 1-3pm.

He is a tad picky when it comes to food…. but when he finds something he likes, he eats a lot of it.

At 2 he does still use a pacifier… and a bottle. It is one of those things that with my 1st baby, I was so strict on. No Pacifier. No Bottle after age 1. Funny how years and 4 babies later changes things. They are only little once and I am all for letting them soak that up…. to a degree ;-) – we are weaning baby Reed slowly… but Im in no rush to make him grow up.

Love him…

Love his sweet cuddles….

and even tho at times I feel unable to get away, him always wanting me is touching… and I love it.


Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Reed. Can’t believe you are two… its gone way to fast. The Lord blessed us so good when he decided to surprise us with such an amazing little dude.