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Easter 2014

Hope everyone’s Easter went well. Ours did. Sunshine and so so pretty out. All the kids were well and we got to spend the day with friends. Not much more to say :) – below are a few photos from the day…




Pre-Egg Hunt photo to keep with Tradition.


Remember 2013′s? :) – our 1st year in GA.



Reed caught on quick, he did so good. Was so cute to watch him.




Reed running towards an egg. Cutest.Thing.Ever!!



Does anyone else have little ones who point with their middle finger? :) Reed never uses the index finger. Its humorous.



For some reason all my older boys looked so thin and tall to me this year! They grow to fast.




Reed wasted no time breaking into the eggs.






& to end a fun day, a bottle of milk is always a must :)


Wood Fort

While I was recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery :) – my dad was hard at work replacing steps on the side of our house that lead down to our backyard. The steps we had since moving in began to give us issues right away. They were old to begin with and in need of replacing. My dad is handy and replaced the steps in just a few days. We now have non-rotting steps that don’t crack when we step on them – much safer.

Here’s a photo of them. For picture sake :)


With the piles of old wood planks we had, I thought it be fun to use it to make the boys a fort. My husband is not very handy. He is the first to admit that. He can however use a hammer and nail. :) So with that we created the Wood Fort! Literally ;-)

The boys LOVE it. Its so cute and simple… but will give them hours of great imaginary play. The best part, it was free to make besides the cost of a few nails :) – and time.


It was placed right by the creek in our backyard. Hidden in the trees. Yet easy to get too.


Reed can even get to it if need be.


Wow his shirt was dirty… :-\



ED9A2409 ED9A2442

ED9A2413 ED9A2414

Taite being silly, pretending he is scared because he is so high.



Look towards our backyard from the fort






On the Bed

I have an update I need to write up on our family. A few things have changed… no time right now though so in the mean time here are some cute photos of Reed on my bed. Little dude LOVES jumping on it. Yes I let him :)



His laughter over it makes it so worth it.


He’s getting so big.




He’s 18 months now. Hard to believe.


Colors – It works so far

You all will think I am nuts when I tell you this. I seriously contemplated selling everything and living in an RV. No, forreal. I kinda sorta want too. We however probably will not :) – but there is a part of me that would love to try. While on my RV “search of information” spell, I found a blog called Inspiration Station. A family of 8, yes 6 kids… live in an RV. Full time. They are such a cute family too and seem totally normal :) – at least to me they do… but by our world aka social standards they are nuts. Lots of kids and no real house. To them though it is home. There is also a site called the Kellogg Show. This family has 12 kids! They also live in an RV. I am not sure I could do it with 12… this family inparticular seems a little to rough around the edges for my sanity too. Im all for big families. Trust me :) – but im also for structure… I watched a handful of the youtube videos they had on their channel and I was a bit disappointed if im honest… but I don’t know them personally so I wont say much more. Do not think I could live in an RV with 12 kids regardless of how they behaved ;-) but with 4, I bet we could. Don’t worry dad, we aren’t. It is just a random thought I had – that I was “actually” considering. Strange.

One thing I learned though while on Inspiration Station’s blog was how they keep clutter down – for obvious reasons. One thing she talked about was their color coding dish system. With such limited space she had to come up with a way to limit the amount of dishes used. So she gave each person in the family (or child) a color. Each child got ONE cup in their color, one plate in their color, one bowl and so on. Make sense? So if that child came to the kitchen and wanted a drink but could not find their cup in the “normal cup spot” – they would not be allowed to get a drink unless they found their cup.

I cannot even begin to tell you the frustration I have dealt with over cups. By the end of the day I had 15 cups to wash. No lie. Was down right crazy to wash that many cups or use that many.

So! I got color coded cups, plates & bowls for all the boys! I btw pre-color coding was big on ALL GLASS. I had no plastic cups really, only glass. I love glass… not a fan of plastics… but I am giving way to my OCD and anti-plastic desires and choosing plastic for this particular thing, in order to gain sanity with the cup situation. :) I don’t really think plastic is bad unless you microwave with it or put something hot in it. Since we don’t intend to drink hot drinks in these, I am ok with it.

These tumblers came from Dollar Tree. So pleased with their selection these days.
*The Purple cup looks slightly darker. That was my cup and it had tea… it really is a very pretty purple otherwise.*


Caleb is Green. Taite Blue. Owen Red. Travis Orange and myself Purple. Reed because he is still small and needs bottles/sippy cups… we don’t really have a special cup for him. I did however get him yellow plates. So when he is older he will be the color yellow… or possibly white. I haven’t decided ;-) – so far this system is working great! I have not had an endless supply of dirty cups to wash and instead of washing dishes twice a day, I only had to do them but once.

I did btw put all the other cups up high. This way the kids are not tempted to use them. They would have to get a step stool to even reach the normal cups now… We will still use them when guest come…

To end, a few random photos from a picnic we had on our back deck yesterday. Love this spring weather!






Prepare Dude Mom’s

ED9A9828I had to find humor today after reading a post on facebook by my friend Candra… a mom of 4 (3 boys/1 girl – same ages as my kids)… she posted about how they got garden soil and spread it all over the trampoline as she did the dishes. Never a dull moment when you are a mom… this is especially true if you are a dude mom.

Boys I promise you have something wrong with their brains that makes it so they cannot rationally think. Its totally true. There is a science about it. So I tell myself. Boys do not think. Some do but even the best don’t. HAH. Hear me out, I do not think my boys are stupid even though they do stupid things. They are bright and smart in their own amazing ways but boy do they do stupid crap.

So I decided it would be funny and good therapy for me to sit down and write a post all about things I have had to endure and handle as a dude mom.

1. Go ahead and get familiar with ER rooms. All 3 of my older boys got their heads stitched or glued before the age of 2.

2. There will be a moment in your boys life, possibly. When they come to you and tell you how they found some chocolate in their bedroom on the floor…. that they ate it… only to realize it was not chocolate.

3. There will always be pee some place in your home. May it be the floor. The Toilet Seat or the Closet.

4. The Slimy boogers are the best, so I am told.

5. No Park trip is complete without a child overly large and well past potty training years, comes to you and tells you they had an accident. The type of accident that just so happens to happen on a day he decided he didn’t want to wear underwear. Which resulted in all sorts of amazing smelling fun down his leg and into a rainboot. This no lie has happened more than once.

6. “Mommy my wee wee is getting hard” – will be said out loud to you by almost all your boys. Typically around age 3. Try not to laugh.

7. I don’t care if their feet are cute. They stink.

8. If you do not give your child soda. Prepare for the random moment when your kid finds someones open soda can at a park, ball game or zoo… and chugs it.

9. Eating food off of walmart floor is apparently appealing to 2 year olds.

10. Boy’s enjoy peeing outside, a lot. Go ahead and teach them proper methods of concealment.

11. If you have a 2 story deck, your child will pee off that and your neighbor will at one point see it.

12. If you have only boys, there will be lots of questions as to why you sit to pee.

13. If you leave spray paint within reach – even the smartest of kids will be ignorant enough to spray it onto a surface that was not meant to be sprayed.

14. Boys Poop in the Tub. OFTEN. It is not fun.

15. and to end… I have to say, boys…. give the most amazing hugs.


There are many days I handle these things wrongly. I will not lie or pretend to be perfect in all the situations above :) – what I can say is, I am thankful for my boys… despite it all. Life will never be boring here… and I hope that when my boys are grown, the fun will continue with lots of grandbabies. I am hoping when that day comes though that we get some girls in this family. ;-)