Stay small

I look at the photo above. My youngest sleeping in one day recently. Then I look at the photo below… My oldest who is almost as tall as some of these band members from the JJ weeks band. He’s only 12 and he has surpassed me in height and is 10 lbs away from surpassing […]

Reed Turns 4

Seriously feels like we just celebrated Reed turning 3…. why does it have to go so fast! Since starting a family. I have not experienced a child turning 4, without another one already being born. My boys are all 2-3 years apart… so by the time one turned 4, another one was being born or […]

Relish Motherhood. It goes quick.

I use to share more

I grabbed my camera this weekend. A camera that I feel I’ve neglected some, due to the ease of an iphone always being handy & the ease instagram provides. It takes me being intentional to actually use my “professional camera” but as my little one who is now, not so little, almost 4, napped. I […]

May Busy

I have been an awful blogger the last few weeks. I have so many idea of post Id love to type up… yet find myself very stretched thin. Hmmm, I wonder why ;-) – while life with four boys is very busy, I have also found myself busy with other things. Lots Id love to […]

April Life in Grams

So behind on blogging! So im going to post some recent Instagram images here. :) Just for my own personal recording. Hope everyone is well. BTW if you are curious in learning more about Juice Plus+ – something we got the kiddos on recently, feel free to join this group I started. Onto the grams […]