Worship is not an experience.

Worship is not an experience.

Worship has been something on my mind a lot here lately… It is something that I honestly had trouble with for many many years while serving in ministry. I knew how worship “went” in church. The singing of a few hymns. The occasional special music that had powerful lyrics that move you. I’ve experienced worship […]

Lay it down

There are some times moments in your life, where you feel under attack. Where a lot goes wrong at once… and you just can’t seem to get out of the rut. Could stem from sick kids. Quarrels. Stress. Job. Marriage. Friendship. Often times situations can be made worse by our past emotions, triggers and current […]

Holiday Travels

We went out of town on Wednesday… and came back late Thursday. It was about a five hour trip. There and Back. So a total of 10 hours on the road with four kiddos in just two days. A lot :) – but it was nice to go visit Travis’ family for a little while. […]

Fast Time

This morning as I tried to wake up… I got on to check my messages and saw an update post from a girl I went to high school with. I clicked it and it was a link to an obituary. My Science Teacher from High School had passed away. He was 62. He was one […]

The silent struggle women face through miscarriage

Struggle through Miscarriage

When my husband and I were nearly married. We got pregnant around month two of our marriage. For those who do not know. I was a very young bride. 19 years old. I went from high school student to bride, very fast… and entered the motherhood scene very quick. It was all without a doubt, […]