Monthly Favs?

Hope everyone had a great weekend… Not much to report here. Our weekend felt sorta busy but at the same time not. Had to work Fri and Saturday… requiring a sitter since Travis worked both days. So it was busy yet at the same time sorta restful since I had a big 3-4 hour gap […]

Thrifted Wear

Ok, you all commented and requested more post like I did last week :) – so here we go. This particular outfit I also got in a number of places over time. Yall hear me out, I don’t thrift every day :) – in fact I prob. only get to thrift once every few weeks. […]

Thrifted Wear

I thought Id name these post something, so I dont have to come up with a title each time I post a thrifted outfit type post. You all may have seen my last thrift haul post (my 1st ever). I posted a few outfit mirror shots of things I had gotten from a new thrift […]