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Do we have a spirit of compassion?

Post about Compassion.

As we walked through the airport headed towards security. We waited in line as the airport employee checked peoples tickets, before proceeding to the next checkpoint. We waited… and waited. Only to be told when we got there, that we needed to go down to the other security check point, because we were gate such …

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15 years of marriage & 15 things I’ve learned

15 Years of marriage, what I've learned.

You can’t hit a 15 year milestone in your marriage and not write about it. Right? How am I old enough to even hit that milestone? Right?! While some years it felt like our marriage crept by. All in all, its gone very fast. So why not share 15 things I’ve learned over the last …

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We all have Foot in my Mouth Disorder.

Why im breaking up with facebook.

I often think of myself having a disorder called Foot in my Mouth. Obviously made up, possibly. Then again, something I find I struggle with. One thing I greatly struggled with during my early years of motherhood and ministry as a pastors wife, was being free to be open and talk without to much fear. …