Fast Time

This morning as I tried to wake up… I got on to check my messages and saw an update post from a girl I went to high school with. I clicked it and it was a link to an obituary. My Science Teacher from High School had passed away. He was 62. He was one […]

Inside our home

Well we had photos taken by the photographer our agent provided. He came today around 10:30am. He had a nice 10mm wide angle lens, which will give the buyer a much wider view of our rooms. My lens is only a 28mm. So its not as wide a view. I did however take photos of […]

Josh Duggar and my story of Molestation

Right away the title of this blog and the fact I an mentioning the name Josh Duggar today, is going to draw probably some unwanted attention to myself. That is something I am prepared to face despite some reservation of saving myself the headache… but as I looked at instagram last night and saw comment […]

The silent struggle women face through miscarriage

Struggle through Miscarriage

When my husband and I were nearly married. We got pregnant around month two of our marriage. For those who do not know. I was a very young bride. 19 years old. I went from high school student to bride, very fast… and entered the motherhood scene very quick. It was all without a doubt, […]