To the questionable mom who questions her worth while living in the midst of constant pull from kids.

To the questionable mom

This week I decided to take the boys on a field trip to the SC State Museum. Home schoolers get in for free (yes please). So we made our way there and I decided for once to take my camera along (the non-iphone camera). As we went throughout the museum, a museum that for some […]

So far

One of the hardest things for me, after the many moves we have had… is leaving friendships behind. One thing I earnestly prayed for when we moved back in 2007 to Eastern NC. Was for friendship. The Lord blessed me with many… I was so thankful. The one thing it did though, was it made […]

Lay it down

There are some times moments in your life, where you feel under attack. Where a lot goes wrong at once… and you just can’t seem to get out of the rut. Could stem from sick kids. Quarrels. Stress. Job. Marriage. Friendship. Often times situations can be made worse by our past emotions, triggers and current […]


Well, yet another cold has hit our home. Since moving to SC we have had a terrible hit of sickness in the family. From ear infections (I had probably one of the worst I have ever had. I had to get on steroids and two rounds of antibiotics to clear it up, it was awful). […]