Vacation Stop 3 – My BFFS :)

I totally forgot to post photos from our 3rd stop on our trip last month! Got to busy :) – our 3rd stop was to visit my best friend Shannon and her husband Stevie. Shannon and I met at a home school group years ago when I lived in NC. Yall who follow my blog […]

Vacation 2014 – The Wood Farm

On most of our vacations the last few years. We use a good majority of the time seeing Travis’ side of the family. From his dads home to our home… I believe is roughly a 8-9 hour drive, depending on traffic and stops. Its a ways to travel… and with his dad being a farmer, […]

Vacation Day 3?

I think the breakdown of these vacation trip post isnt accurate, but none the less Im breaking them up by days ;-) On this particular day we went to a nearby park to visit with our old time friends The Dews. We have known the Dew’s for our entire marriage and prior to that Travis […]

Vacation Stop 2

Our next stop on our vacation this year was to visit Travis’ dad’s home. Travis’ entire family lives like on one street ;-) – which is something I had never seen until we met. Was so foreign to me for family to live that close. For me growing up my grandparents lived in another country […]