When my husband and I first got married… some of our very first heated fights came around the time my birthdays rolled around. I always felt very cherished on my bday by my parents… so for me, they were kinda a big deal. So when my birthday came our 1st year of marriage and he […]

May not be Hawaii

Today my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. It honestly feels so weird to be able to say I’ve been married that long. I haven’t even hit 30… and I have 10 years of marriage behind me. You add to the fact I have had 4 children, it feels even weirder! Marriage is […]

Broke my Doctors Bed rest rule

Well, I will admit that yesterday I broke my doctors bed rest rule. I couldn’t help it! We had season passes to the Georgia Aquarium and they expired Saturday. We haven’t used them pretty much all summer either because of my pregnancy and Travis no longer being around during week days… Going to the Aquarium […]