Daddy’s Boy

Owen is very much a Mommy’s boy. Its one reason I love boys so much, they love their moms! I must admit though…. He very much is a Daddy’s Boy too. Especially since Daddy is gone during the day now. When he comes home from work – Owen lights up. He is just so excited. […]


Months ago – when Travis knew he may be considered for this new job he just started… he began to work out daily. Eating healthy for him has always been a struggle. Even though I cooked healthy – he loved comfort foods and snacking. It was his way of getting through stressful times… and well, […]

Loose, Mother, 1st Day

This weekend was an interesting one. Although, it felt longer than normal. Maybe because we had anticipation going into it, of what was about to start. Between all that though, we had a good weekend. The sickness has seemed to leave our home, finally. This is the 1st time in weeks Owen doesnt seem to […]

Butt in the Face

Our family loves to bike ride. While our neighborhood isnt the best for it – its extremely hilly. We do however have a small area around our home, that is bike-safe :) – and our boys enjoy it daily. Even little Owen as you can tell, LOVES IT. He will come to us with his […]

Back Safe

We made it back Safe. We enjoyed our short pit-stop at my parents before heading back to GA. My dad was out of town but my mom got to soak up the boys cuteness for one last evening. The trip back was so long today though. So thankful Taite did not throw up any more […]