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Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

ED9A6191I think I am on a roll for giving away Essential Oil Prizes right now. I came across this shop many weeks ago and was super excited to finally get a necklace of my own to try. I was a bit skeptical of these at first… I didn’t think you’d really be able to smell the Essential Oils well from a small pom pom shaped ball inside the necklace. However, I was proven wrong.

The necklace I got came from an Etsy shop called EverTrend. The exact one that I am wearing in the photo is THIS ONE. It is their Dainty Fillgree necklace.

The cost of these, to be upfront, is only $16.00! They are very inexpensive to buy yet look really nice.



The necklace is very easy to use. You basically pour a drop or two of your favorite Essential Oil onto the pom poms that the necklace comes with. The pom pom then absorbs the scent and as you go throughout your day, you will smell it. Diffusing Essential Oils in and breathing them is a great way to use them. One of my favorite oils to diffuse on my necklace is either Tranquility or Gratitude with a drop of Lavender. It smells great!

My boys throughout the day often ask me “can I smell your necklace?” :) – Kinda makes me wish they had a more masculine version for boys.

EverTrend gave me an extra necklace to giveaway to my readers!

The necklace they sent me to giveaway is their Teardrop one. (pictured below)


For those curious why the chain in the image of me int he blue shirt, doesn’t match the chain in the image of my necklace in the box, thats because I used another chain I already had. I wanted to wear a longer chain with that top, so I switched it out. However, the chains that come with these are just fine. Just personal preference in that regard. Ok, onto the giveaway :)

To enter fill out the Raffle Copter Below :)
Giveaway ends in a week and a winner will be randomly chosen.
Winner’s name will be posted on this post after the week is up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our poor cat toby has been coned.


He has 2 ruptured abscess. Don’t google that btw, unless you want to be grossed out. More than likely these were caused prior to us even getting him from the animal shelter. The typically show in cats bit by other cats… since Toby is indoors and never around other cats… we just are assuming this was something he came with already on him. That being said, yall, pets are expensive. Do keep that in mind before purchasing them. We do however really love our cat, he is such a chill and laid back cat. To put up with our kids, you have to be :) – my husband who hates cats, really loves him. Otherwise, he would have never taken him to the vet to be treated for this.

So yay, to healing and hopefully cone free life by the weekend. It has been a learning experience.

To keep the conversation going.

What is your largest vet bill and for what?
Where do you draw the line? :-) Im truly curious.

Lightweight Camera Bag

ED9A8113Its been a while since I wrote a post for She {hearts} It – busy times affect my ability to do showcases over there… but I do enjoy it when I can.

I am showcasing a very fun and lightweight camera bag.

Best part, I get to giveaway a winners choice bag and matching strap.

Soooo, if you got some gear and want a tendy bag that will work not only as a camera bag but a great diaper bag or messanger bag… check out my post over on She {hearts} It.

2013 Homeschool Curriculum


I wrote a post about “a day in the life” home schooling our boys for Boba. It also explains what curriculum we are using :) – so for those curious about that head over to BOBA’s Blog to read my post.

7-1 – Switch

If any of you are frequent blog readers, you know that today Google Reader retired :) – aka closed shop … no longer works. I know many of you all used that to read my blog and others…

So if you were curious what you should use now. I highly recommend Freedly! Ive tried bloglovin? something like that and honestly did not like its format. Freedly is much better.

If you used google reader you can easily transfer those feeds over to freedly right here.

Don’t forget to add my blog to the feed if it wasnt before :)
Also follow me on facebook to keep up with post there too.

With Google Reader retiring, Ive decided its time to update my blog some… hope to get that done some time during the month of July before schooling starts in August. :)