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The Limbo Phase


These walls are part of our limbo phase. They may not be the widest walls… but their home for now.

Learning to be thankful during this time of waiting.

and honestly…. who can complain with this view.

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DIY Folded Paper Wreath

I don’t really consider myself the most “crafty” person… although people may not believe that. I find that I am more “creative” than “crafty” :)… This paper wreath though is one of my favorite pieces in my home… and you would not believe how simple it was to create… and cheap!

Very inexpensive and easy DIY Folded Paper WreathHere is what you need:

– 1 old book or sheet music – I got a book from our local goodwill that was full of old gospel sheet music. It cost me $.75 cent!

– 1 round piece of cardboard – I got this from a cheap frozen pizza. You could cut a round circle though out of a box you have on hand.

Hot Glue Gun/Glue – I had this already, so no cost here.

That is all you need. The cost I am guestimating would be around $2.00 for most. I got lucky and found that cheap song book… I was able to make 2 wreaths out of it. So for me it was only .75 cents for TWO. $2.00 is just a general cost estimation :)

Now here is how you put it all together:

Step 1: Pull out the sheets of music or book pages. Trim off the ripped edges if you want… or leave them frayed. I had to trim mine since the book I used was a spirally bound book.. so when I ripped the pages out, they had weird edges… (not cute). So I just trimmed mine straight with scissors.

Step 2: Get your piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a circle if it isn’t already. Then puncture it in the center and make a smaller circle. Save some of the cardboard from the center circle you cut out, to use as a hanging piece. I hope my photo below helps explain it better… :) I hot glued the hanging loop I made out of cardboard to the back of the wreath so that I could hang it to the wall. I have had this wreath up for almost 2 years now and it has still stayed together perfectly.

Very inexpensive and easy DIY Folded Paper Wreath

Very inexpensive and easy DIY Folded Paper WreathStep 3: The photo above is a bit out of order :) – sorry about that… I took all these photos after the wreath was made… but I’m posting the steps in the order I actually did them. Hopefully it makes sense in the end. I then took the sheets of paper I had pulled out of my book, and folded them 3-4 times to make a fan. I then folded them in half. So the fan then became a thicker fan. I then HOT GLUED the folded edge onto the outer edge of the circle piece of card board. You then would just continue this step and go around the whole outside part of the circle… and then repeat layering the paper over top of each other until you reached the middle. You then would fold the very last row of folded paper under and into the back part of the circle. (see above photo, it should help explain it).

Step 5: Optional step you can do that I have seen others do, is to burn the edges slightly on the wreath. Gives it a more rustic look. For me though I liked them unburned :) …

Very inexpensive and easy DIY Folded Paper Wreath

and that is it!

I’m sorry I dont have step by step photos. Again, I made this 2 years ago… I’m just super behind posting about it. We are in the process of cleaning up our house a bit… and with that cleaning up I relocated this wreath… and when I did, I realized I hadn’t posted how I did it… so figured, better late than never right?

Very inexpensive and easy DIY Folded Paper Wreath

I hope you enjoy. These make great gifts!! They are so inexpensive to make too, yet look really nice.


Our poor cat toby has been coned.


He has 2 ruptured abscess. Don’t google that btw, unless you want to be grossed out. More than likely these were caused prior to us even getting him from the animal shelter. The typically show in cats bit by other cats… since Toby is indoors and never around other cats… we just are assuming this was something he came with already on him. That being said, yall, pets are expensive. Do keep that in mind before purchasing them. We do however really love our cat, he is such a chill and laid back cat. To put up with our kids, you have to be :) – my husband who hates cats, really loves him. Otherwise, he would have never taken him to the vet to be treated for this.

So yay, to healing and hopefully cone free life by the weekend. It has been a learning experience.

To keep the conversation going.

What is your largest vet bill and for what?
Where do you draw the line? :-) Im truly curious.

Lightweight Camera Bag

ED9A8113Its been a while since I wrote a post for She {hearts} It – busy times affect my ability to do showcases over there… but I do enjoy it when I can.

I am showcasing a very fun and lightweight camera bag.

Best part, I get to giveaway a winners choice bag and matching strap.

Soooo, if you got some gear and want a tendy bag that will work not only as a camera bag but a great diaper bag or messanger bag… check out my post over on She {hearts} It.

2013 Homeschool Curriculum


I wrote a post about “a day in the life” home schooling our boys for Boba. It also explains what curriculum we are using :) – so for those curious about that head over to BOBA’s Blog to read my post.

7-1 – Switch

If any of you are frequent blog readers, you know that today Google Reader retired :) – aka closed shop … no longer works. I know many of you all used that to read my blog and others…

So if you were curious what you should use now. I highly recommend Freedly! Ive tried bloglovin? something like that and honestly did not like its format. Freedly is much better.

If you used google reader you can easily transfer those feeds over to freedly right here.

Don’t forget to add my blog to the feed if it wasnt before :)
Also follow me on facebook to keep up with post there too.

With Google Reader retiring, Ive decided its time to update my blog some… hope to get that done some time during the month of July before schooling starts in August. :)

Caleb’s age… began her journey with Cancer

Ive posted about this young lady before on my twitter… but I just had to do another post about her.
I follow her on instagram and youtube… shes a beautiful spunky 13 year old, who since Caleb’s age (8) has been battling cancer over the years.

Her cancer is spreading… and the news she got just last week was not great news… and I just cant seem to stop thinking about her!… I am praying for her… that the Lord would heal her but even more so that she would come to know the Lord…. God is the author of life… and while I will never understand why sweet children have to suffer through something as horrible as cancer… what I do know is that the Lord gives…. and He takes away… and we are not promised tomorrow… and I just pray for this sweet dear ones soul… she will be cancer free one day… it may not be here on earth…. but I know that if we confess the Lord is Lord, he is just… and good… and gracious… and He promises us an eternity free from pain… free from cancer… free from sorrow….

Please pray for her. Her name is Talia… and if you watch the video below you will one, smile… at just how bubbly and fun she is… but also your heart will ache for her… Pray… please.