Fast Mom Make up

Should you wear make up?

How old were you when you started to wear make up? Why did you want to wear it? Was it because your peers did? Because of the magazines you saw? Curiosity? I can’t exactly remember when I started to wear make up… but I do remember feeling the need to at one point, because I […]


**Since posting this video I have found out some information in regards to the ALS foundation that goes against my personal beliefs. To read more feel free to CLICK HERE….*** However, the video is so cute I had to leave it up. My kids had a lot of fun filming it. Enjoy! :) To those […]

Young Blogger

Caleb decided he wanted to start a blog. Having a website was the first step… but WIX was difficult for him to understand… so blogging was our next idea to help him share his love for reptiles and so forth. One thing I have been learning with schooling dudes, is the importance of allowing them […]

What’s in my Diaper Bag w/ Video!

So! I am doing something out of my comfort zone today! Per request :) I made a short video using PHOTOBOOTH on my mac… showing you all what is in my diaper bag on most days. I hate myself on video…. but I for some reason do like watching other people do videos like this […]

Tickled by Toys

I love that age when your kids just get so tickled over something so simple. The laugh they give is so addictive and so genuine! I just love it. The boys got a surprise in the mail from my dad this week and Owen saw it fall off the coffee table once and something about […]