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Few answers, about my journey to drop a few :)

Starting weight 124... Goal weight 112. Hope to be down at least 6-8 in a week :)As many of you already know, since it is all over my facebook and instagram :) – I have begun the process of dropping a few unwanted baby pounds. I was beginning to notice as Reed continued to grow, that I was not dropping any of my baby weight… while I did drop SOME… I still had about 10 pounds to go and I just felt as if it would never leave me, since I never had the time to invest in working out like I use too.

I was introduced to an amazing program through a friend… who I must add has lost A TON of weight with this program but also feels amazing in the midst… its not a program filled with misery and not being able to enjoy foods :) – although I will not lie, the 1st few days were an adjustment… but doable. Now that I am on the “eating” days, where I get to enjoy large 500-600 calorie meals, it is awesome! Im not in the least bit hungry and feel great. For 4 days I have had ZERO tea… or coke either… which for me most mornings would start with a boost with a soda or HUGE glass of tea.

In 4 days I have lost 4 pounds! I am just shy of 120 :) and can totally tell. My goal weight is 115.

I plan to post my before/after pictures once I am finished with the 8 days. If you follow me on instagram @dreawood – you will see my post with scale photos and photos of what I am eating.

For those interested in learning more about the program msg me on facebook and I will give you the down-low.

It feels good to put a little something towards “me” – where most of me is stretched between 4 little boys – who are so worth it… but one thing I have learned is very important is SELF CARE… this is my start of some self care ;-) – after the 8 days I will continue a few of their products but eat a fairly normal diet. It is not just about weight loss but a life style change and living healthy.

Just enjoyed my larger 500-600 calorie meal and I'm still down 4lbs! I am feeling so much better. Lots of energy despite being up 3 times last night with Reed. #instabokeh #bokeh @bokehcamfxSide messy pony tail type of day... #tamingthelocks

Also to those who have heard about this from me already… I will answer one question I keep getting. Is this safe to attempt this while nursing. In my opinion NO. Just because the 1st 8 days you are cutting your calories significantly… and even though I was not able to nurse my babies… I do know the importance of eating more while nursing and keeping your supply up. SO! I say wait til you finish nursing to start this… enjoy those sweet baby cuddles… and deal with the weight loss after your journey nursing :) – each phase of life has its season…

1 month p.p.

Well its been 1 month or so since I gave birth to our lil’ blessing baby Taite.
I thought I’d update all my readers on my p. p. weight loss. I do this to record this info for myself as well.

Im down now to 113.5 give or take.
I havent started to workout yet .. that starts once I have some energy haha.. I plan on using windsor pilates and the core workout system to get things back in place.
(google them if your curious)

Heres a recent photo I took of myself. I plan to take one of me holding Taite in that famous preggo cami featured in all my belly photos.
For now this will do.

*click image for larger view* – Ok… the hat, scarf and gloves are in this
photo for my other blog… if your curious about that check out Fina’ Drea
The 1st photo is of me 39 weeks pregnant.. and the 2nd of course
was taken today. The shirt Im wearing is the same shirt in each photo.
The only difference is I have a pink cami under my shirt in the recent photo
and a brown cami in the other one.

1 month weigh in

*click image for larger view* – Taite and I at Wendys

Taite got weighed today by a nurse who comes to the house to check on him :-) [free service in this area! so cool]
He weighs in now at 8 lbs 9 oz
Woo hoo :-) Still sort of small for a 1 month old.. Atleast compared to Caleb at this age.. but he is gaining weight perfectly they said.

Got to get going to bed! Just thought Id love everyone know.