Eclipsed by Glory

Sunday I took the boys to worship… nothing new right? Well… this has been an area of struggle for us the last 6 months or so…. ever since Travis started his new job hours.. it has resulted in us not being able to attend worship together as a family, at least not at our church. […]

Great to Worship

One thing I longed for… for many many many many years, was a place I felt comfortable to worship…. and while I have learned throughout these years of ministry behind us… we have to learn to be content where we are and with what we have… finding contentment in worship services that felt… as if […]

A Blessed Woman

You all I am sure have heard me talk about how I desire to one day keep all my children with me in worship. Obviously having babies close, its making that desire easier said than done… however, I still desire it. Ive known about this book called Parenting from the Pew for some time… I […]

Proud Moment :)

I must say that I was one proud mom last night :) The other day I kept both boys with me in evening worship since there was no nursery. Ive kept them in worship before separate… and they do fairly well. Caleb from like age 2-4 sat with me all the time in worship. And […]

One of those days…

My boys have been getting at each other SO BAD the past few days… I MEAN terribly… You cannot leave them alone together… or else someone is hitting, biting, throwing, screaming, banging, annoying, you name it. I blame it on the lack of sleep this week. Getting to bed at 9:00pm sometimes 9:30pm… verses 7:30pm […]