Essential Oils?

It seems like every blogger talks about Essential Oils these days. In fact, I think most women active on social media do. Its HUGE right now… but it most def. is not a fad. Essential Oils have been around for many many years, far longer than most realize. When I started to look into Essential Oils I was very much a skeptic. I thought they were over priced tiny bottles that did very little. Because I am one that is into natural alternatives though, eventually I was intrigued by a friends use of DoTerra oils and began to learn more. It took me many months to finally come to the conclusion though of who to shop with.

It was a very hard decision for me. I had lots of friends who loved Young Living. I also had friends who used DoTerra. I didn’t know who to pick! So I started researching other companies and after lots of blog reading, articles, and chats with other women, I decided on buying my Essential Oils from a company called Rocky Mountain Oils.

A wonderful blog with lots of great tips on Using Essential Oils and why she opted for RMO as her oil source

They are all certified oils. Just like Doterra & Young Living. You can read all about their testing and certification on their website, or CLICK HERE.

I have been using RMO for over 3 years now and ADORE their oils.

If you want you can keep up with specials and connect with others who use RMO Oils onTHIS FACEBOOK GROUP that I help run.

I set up this page to explain all the above but also to link to some of the Essential Oil Post I have done in the past. So below will be a list of images to post I did on Essential Oils. I hope you find them helpful.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

A simple recipe using Essential Oils that is proven to cure Athletes foot in a week!

Great post full of amazing Essential Oil Recipes

One of my first Oil Post, explaining what Oils I use most (I hope to do an updated post soon, cause I have some new favs)

What Essential Oils should I get? a great post for beginners.

Here is the updated post I did a year after the above post was written….

A great blog with a TON of information about Essential Oils and how to use them.

Great page full of Essential Oil Information for Kids

A DIY Whipped Body Butter. Just a couple ingredients, your favorite essential oils and you're done.

3 Ingredient Lotion Bar using Essential Oils. Great for the face!

This blog has so many amazing recipes! If you love essential oils you need to pin her blog.

Great blog full of really easy recipes to use with Essential Oils. A must pin!

My go to for hand sanitizer. Super easy to make and proven to work at keeping kids from sickness.

I have not purchased surface cleaner in forever. I love this stuff.

A very easy all purpose surface cleaner recipe incorporating essential oils.

Organizing my Essential Oils. I use a travel bag and an Oil Shelf.

How to organize Essential Oils on a shelf.

Great post with lots of good information for Essential Oil users

How to organize your Essential Oils when you travel.

A Great PRINTABLE list of Essential Oils to Diffuse and for what.

Printable Essential Oil Chart

One of my Favorite Essential Oils called Gentle Healer.
Any mom with kids needs this oil!

How to treat cuts, burns, and scars using Essential Oils.

GREAT blog for Essential Oil recipes

Awesome source of information for using Essential Oils

Inexpensive and beautiful Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace, a must buy!

A great health grow spray using Essential Oils

How to blend and dilute your Essential Oils. With Printable chart!

Great list of Essential Oil recipes, including a great beard oil recipe for men!

Great blog and source for Essential Oil recipes and tips. A must read.

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Really simple recipe for your own Essential Oil chapstick.

Essential Oils and what everyone needs to know when using them on children.

I love this page for ideas on how to use Essential Oils

great page full of essential oil recipes

Great post teaching about Essential Oils and how to use them.

This page has a ton of great recipes for those who love Essential Oils

and to end… this isn’t so much an essential oil post, but I do incorporate EO’s, so thought Id end with it.
This method of cleaning my face completely changed my skin. I am forever thankful for it!

How I went from cystic acne to completely clear skin, using the Oil cleansing method. Why you should ditch cleansers and try this. It will change your skin for the better.

6 Comments on “Essential Oils?

  1. Hi. I have a question. You have inspired me to start using oils. I have ordered several times. I would like you to get some “benefit” back from RMO since you are the reason I started purchasing. Do I need to go through your blog link every time for you to get your incentive – or was it a one time thing only? BTW thank you for all the awesome recipes, I have done every one now! Can’t wait for more… hint hint

  2. Hey Gina! Not sure you will get this, I just saw this remark. You can totally click on my blog to give me a small percentage of your purchase. You do not have to click on it any time you order tho. It should remember you. I think it remembers people up to 45 days or something. :) Thank you so much!

  3. The pain I have with my feet is unbearable….On Wednesday nights and Thursday morning each week while working, my feet hurt a 10 out of a 10….well, Andrea wanted me to try her oil, of peppermint, sweet marjoram, lavender and eucalyptus….and last night(wednesday night) my feet was a 5 out of 10…and today(Thursday morning) a 7 out of 10…..I told her that I would be getting more from her when I run out…..TRY IT……YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!!

  4. I just ordered from RMO and stumbled across your site looking for recipes. I can’t wait to try a few. I love that you cover basics like cleaning the bottles. I tried a few brands before deciding on RMO (and Florihana) and am very pleased with the quality and price. RMO also has a blog and sends out informative emails so that’s great too!

  5. I use RMO and Young Living. I just can’t choose between the two. But I love that Rocky Mountain has free shipping and runs sales almost all the time. I know they have GC/MS testing and their oils seem to work very well. I love the new packaging and just a suggestion: if I hadn’t known that your pic was old packaging of RMO I would have clicked off this website. You ought to change your picture so new customers will recognize the packaging when they go to RMO website and on this website as well.. The old packaging is weird and confusing. I only knew it from my colonic therapist office where she is selling all her old bottles. Just a friendly suggestion. I would like you to get credit when I buy RMO’s but don’t understand how to do that. If you’ll explain it to me I will be sure to see that I follow your instructions to make that happen.

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