What’s in my Diaper Bag w/ Video!

So! I am doing something out of my comfort zone today! Per request :)

I made a short video using PHOTOBOOTH on my mac… showing you all what is in my diaper bag on most days.

I hate myself on video…. but I for some reason do like watching other people do videos like this too, so I figured why not.

Please forgive the excessive SNIFFLING while filming. I have allergies out the wahzoo lately. Cannot stop sniffling. Also to those curious about a few of the items. I will leave a list below this video of some of the things I mention throughout the video.

Enjoy! :)

My Wet Bag – By Petunias (This was given to me as a baby gift when I was pregnant with Owen. So 4 years ago and its still going strong.)

My Favorite Tinted Lip Balm – Pretty sure came from HERE.

The Diaper Bag is the SKIP HOP STUDIO Diaper bag (NOT CITY Tote, sorry bout that) – This is it on Amazon. I however got mine at TJMAXX NEW for $30.00 – much better price. I am not sure Id pay $90.00 – even though it really is a great bag! MINE IS THE BROWN…. think the listing on Amazon it is in black. Check ebay! :)

I suppose that is it! :) The essential oil case I got off ebay super cheap. Just search small essential oil case. :) Should come up.

The oils I keep in it right now are:

Immune Strength

and I think thats it….

My Oils come from Rocky Mountain Oil Company, read my review and post on them as well HERE. Also don’t forget to take advantage of my coupon code with them expiring the end of August!! Use “wood10″ at checkout for 10% off your entire order.

21 Months Old – Baby Reed

ED9A4636Reed will be 21 months old very soon – or maybe 22 :-\ – its hard to keep track after the 1 year mark honestly… but if we round up, I suppose we could say he is almost 2. Hard to believe huh? Thought it be fun to do a little update here for my own personal milestone journaling on him.

Reed talks very little in english :) – he has his own baby language going on.

The only things I do understand that he says are.

Huh – which is typically what he says when you say his name.



Tay – for Okay


and he mimics almost any SOUNDS the boys make that make absolutely no sense.

He is a late talker… and you know thats ok. All my boys but Taite talked late. Almost age 3 before they really spoke well. I remember Doctors pressuring me on this so often with well baby checkups. Esp with Owen. Freaked me out! They almost made me feel like a failure as a mom when Id go in and they’d say “He should say this many words by now… he needs to be seen by a therapist if not.” – that sorta thinking just got on my nerves in the world of pediatric apts…. which is why I never go to them any more. I don’t think Reed has had a well check up since 6 months old.

Reed is doing great though. Gaining weight well finally. He still is on the bottle. Loves his milk.

He is a huge fan of GREENS and other veggies. If you throw him a handful of fried rice, he picks out the peas and carrots first. So cute.

Reed sleeps A LOT at night.

8pm – 9am most times.

He takes 1 nap a day. 1pm-3 or 4pm. Its crazy!

He took 7 mo. to sleep through the night… but when he started to sleep, he sure didn’t waste any time making up for those first 7 months :)


Reed loves the pool. Is a champ at diving under water.

His favorite toy is of course anything with wheels :) – he loves to push cars.

He is full of the most adorable expressions.

Easily upsetted by a “no” or rebuke. Funny how they learn what those are so early in life.

He SCREAMS his head off any time I leave him at church or with a sitter. Its pretty pathetic honestly. I have no idea how to break him of this :) – but we just say bye bye and wish him the best haha. They say he typically calms down after 5 minutes of tears. So sad :(

We love him so much and he could not be cuter. Even with his “photos” ops, he insist at raising that hand – love him.


Discontent just being….

The post I am about to write is full blown emotions kicking in. I understand and realize we should not live life based on how we “feel” or get to caught up in our emotional side. It can cause poorly judged decisions… I get that. This post though is me just being real in the moment of my brokenness for all to see. Because, well. I want to be.

It has been almost 3 years since we have served full time in ministry. 3 years since I have heard my husband Preach… for 4 years he was not only my husband but my Pastor. Yea. Weird but honestly I didn’t mind :) – I suppose that is a good thing. My husband has such a talent for speaking… and teaching. I loved listening to him.

We have applied for over a dozen Senior Pastor positions over the last year. If not more. My husband feels called to Pastor again… location is a toss up.. We don’t really have one specific area we feel led to yet… I just know I don’t want to live up north (no offense Canadian readers… but I think id go into a pit of depression if I had to live in those temps). We’ve applied for positions as high as Maryland and as low as Florida. All up and down the east coast. I suppose we could spread our wings a bit more… but we just haven’t yet. The idea of moving across country is hard for me. Although the thought of moving to Panama in Central America, where my moms entire family lives, has crossed our minds… I hate to limit God’s calling… and localize it so to speak… but at the same time the one time I did do this and moved to Ohio, I felt like our world came crashing down… it was far from good… and while I miss students from Ohio, living 12-13 hours from any family, for me was so hard.

It has been a solid year since we started applying for church positions…


Its discouraging.

You sit and wonder, what on earth is God waiting for. We have a desire to serve, yet we feel stuck.

Travis’ job is so demanding (yes I get many jobs are) that I feel all we do is, work… sleep… and survive.

I am struggling to be content.

I see tons of blogs that speak on being content. Who spout off scripture after scripture on being content… yet I find very few who just lay it out there the cruddy part of the process… and how being content, doesn’t just flourish in everyone automatically during certain seasons.

I wont lie and say I am being content. I am and I’m not. I am so thankful for what God has given us… He has been good. He has been faithful…. but as I wait. I feel a bitterness in me build. Angry at times with what the church in NC did to us. Did you know they told church members, after asking us to resign, that we had never been asked to quit and that we resigned to hurt the church and to take a higher paying position at a larger church. When I sit and dwell that and on what they did to us, it truly makes me angry… and while at times I feel I deserve to be angry with them, I know letting it fester will do no good…

Thankful God took care of us even in that hopeless situation… by putting us into City of Refuge… to heal us… and love on us in a way we never had been loved on. God knew best. He knew we needed that time. Out of ministry. To focus on us. It was needed and I have to remind myself of that often… so I don’t go into the bitter pit and ponder thoughts of wrath on people -ha….- yea… terrible I know. I don’t do that often btw, just in the discontent times. When obviously my spirit is not where it should be (I can admit that).

I know this is why God teaches us to not be discontent… So many scriptures on it (No I’m not posting them. Try google)

I just feel all I do is wait.

I have this constant feeling of dauntlessness…. wondering when God will move us. Wondering if it will be this year or next. Wondering if we should move and find a place to plan our lives more permanent (I so want that…. so sick of moving) … wondering if this is where we should be for good… but at the same time knowing and understanding that financially…. with Travis’ job, we cannot make it long term here. You’d think a cop who risk his life daily, would get paid well. Yea … wishful thinking. Its a job. Im thankful for it. So many people have so much less… but you can’t help but be discouraged, pay check after pay check, barely making ends meet… even while living frugally. The thought of money and always wondering if we will stay a float, weighs heavy on me… and I know, I know. God provides. I know that. Knowing truth does bring hope. Its the….



Trying to take those verses captive that teach us not to worry… that God has this.

He has had it.

Our lives are perfect evidence of that.

I just feel weary tonight. With this waiting.

So if you think about it. Pray for our family. Pray God will open some doors… somewhere. That we’d have answers… and in the waiting, contentment for me. Its hard for me.

Don’t feel sorry for us, don’t take this post as a pity post. Its not. Its me. Being open, real and genuine, hopefully for yall to relate, share and understand.


This photo was taken May 2012. So 2 years ago.


My little Owen. Who at that time was a little bit older than baby Reed is today.


This morning the boys went fishing with their daddy… at like 6am! They came back however around 8am… after Owen fell into the pond ;-) – so since Reed and I at that point had gotten up… we joined them for more fishing after Owen got some new clothes and I got some breakfast.

While fishing Owen made his way to the swings nearby. Swings are still his favorite ;-)

& for a few moments. I got to enjoy this.



He melts my heart with that close mouth grin :) – and pokey lil ears. I just love him. He has the best laugh ever… and sweetest brown eyes. As I looked through the photos from today I just took a breathe and realized how fast he had grown. Those 2 years while at the moment creeped by…. with struggles we had to face those two years. From Job loss, moving, home school woes, pregnancy difficulties and new jobs… now after it all, I sometimes wish I could go back. To soak him up just a little bit more.

Im preaching to myself…

Try to enjoy them.


In the Today.

It goes to fast.

Cliche as that is to say – its truth.

How I taught my kids to swim….

Found my small underwater video camera the other day while cleaning up my office. Shame it has been neglected for years :-\ – figured I may as well break it out at the pool and let the boys enjoy. It was fun… the kids loved watching themselves on camera swim under the water. Even baby Reed.

So I crammed the videos all together into one for you all to see. Warning. I talk in my weird some what annoying baby voice a lot in this video. Ignore it. Its just what I do :) – I have no control over it hah….

Before getting to the video though.

I thought I would talk a little bit about swimming… and teaching children to swim without the need for swim lessons.

Disclaimer: I am no swim expert. I have nothing against swim teachers. Swim lessons… or parents who choose to do swim classes. NO HARM IN THOSE THINGS at all. In fact, I am pretty sure my mom took my brother and I to swim lessons :) – and I at one point was on a swim team. So yea. No hate here. For us though, we chose not to do swim lessons…. for one simple reason “We couldn’t justify the cost… and really couldn’t afford it.” So -we made do with our own pool times and I taught the boys to swim on my own.

One thing I have always tried to encourage with our boys, is to be brave… and try. There is nothing wrong with being afraid of something… but even if you are afraid, I try to teach my boys, to at least give it a go… rather than to run the other way.

Caleb was probably my most fearful of water. I think because he was the 1st born… so he just didn’t really have the exposure to water like his younger siblings did. I think Caleb began swimming “well” around age 5 or 6. My other children though could fully swim by age 4.

Taite was swimming and diving in the water as early as 2, with help.

By far my earliest swimmer though, has been baby Reed. He is very fearless when it comes to water… and grasped the understanding of holding ones breathe, fast. The way I introduce my babies to holding their breathe, was to always count down. Look at them, 1, 2, 3…. and dunk them down. I didn’t do the whole breathing in their face either… that never worked for us. It seemed to just confuse them.

After a few goes, they got it.

I also am a HUGE fan of the Puddle Jumper Floats. Target sells them! By far the best pool purchase you can make. They last years and do not pop ;-) – you can even wash them if they get smelly.

So I suppose, how I taught my kids to swim.





Lots of trips to the pool :)

and… more encouragement. Kids love being praised… I also did simple lessons on kicking in the water and teaching them how to float on their back once they got comfortable with things. The rest comes naturally.

Now… onto the video..