A fun fall giveaway for moms & blog with recipes, encouragement & more.

Fall Giveaway

My friend Nia is having a really fun giveaway this week and I thought Id share it with my readers. Its supporting lots of great shops run by women. Its really simple to enter. You do have to have an instgram though. I love how Nia is reaching out to other moms with her reach […]

Returning to Atlanta

Back in Sept 2011 – our family took our 1st ever trip to Downtown Atlanta. We had just moved to Atlanta August 2011 and entered the City of Refuge program that Pastor Johnny Hunt started at First Baptist Church Woodstock. I love how God can use a hardship in ones life ultimately for the better […]

Washabelle, the first ever machine washable mattress for kids. Perfect for those with kids who bed wet.

Washabelle Mattress Review

One thing I never really thought about prior to raising four boys, was bed wetting. Until I experienced my first saturated mattress… “Ugh” really is the only word (if thats a word) that can describe the moment. The mattress you paid for was now stained with a huge puddle of urine and because you forgot […]