Casper Bed Review

Casper Bed ReviewI told you all that I would do a full write up review on the Casper Bed after at least a few weeks… We’ve had the Casper Bed since Feb 4th. So its been just about 2 weeks. If you missed our unboxing video, feel free to watch that HERE.

Now before I get started with this review, let me start off by disclosing that I was not paid by Casper to write this. I was not given this mattress for free to conduct my review. I have been wanting a King Sized bed for a decade and finally just went for it.

The Casper Bed company is a company I had never heard of before. A friend of mine mentioned them to me after learning I was interested in a new bed… and as soon as I saw the concept of how it all worked, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Travis and I debated going mattress shopping… but the idea of dragging four boys to a mattress store… dealing with sales men and or having to hire a sitter, costing us $10 an hour, just so we can look at some beds, didn’t make sense. What better way to buy a mattress than to have it shipped to your home.

There then came a decision.

Try the Casper Mattress…. or try another brand I soon learned about after the fact, called Tuft and Needle.

BOTH looked great. Both had killer reviews….

Both had great return policies.

So being the bargain shopper than I am, I went with the cheaper one. Tuft and Needle.

Feel free to check out their site. Their company is great and this post is in no way written to bash them. I am just sharing my experiences and hopefully it’ll help someone.

Tuft & Needle had the same “business model” I guess you could say. You buy the mattress. Try it. If after 30 days you don’t like it, you can return it no hassle. Get a refund for 100% of what you paid. For those curious how that works with shipping the mattress back. Both Casper and Tuft and Needle DONATE their used beds to a charity… so you basically schedule a pick up with the Salvation Army, they come pick up the bed. You take a photo of your donation slip, email that to the company and that is it. You get a refund. Simple.

Travis and I loved the feel of the Tuft and Needle at first… but after night one… then night two…. and so forth, we knew it wasn’t for it. The mattress was beautifully craft and I loved the look… but it was just to firm. I had read many reviews where people said they would place toppers onto this mattress and it made for the perfect bed… but for me, I was paying for this bed and wanted it to be good, without a topper. I didn’t want to have to buy anything extra.

So we returned the Tuft and Needle bed… I really felt bad about this :( … Their customer service was SPOT ON… so kind… so understanding. I cannot praise them enough. So if you would like to try a cheaper alternative, try the Tuft. It may be perfect for you… it may not. You still get to try it – if its not a fit, return it, no questions.

So with that return, I then went and purchased the Casper.

ED9A6435This mattress cost $950.00 – with a coupon it was $900.00. The Tuft and Needle was $750.00. So roughly $150.00 more than the Tuft and Needle (with the casper coupon I found). So it is a little bit more…. but for a King Sized mattress, its still a great price!

Casper gives you a 100 day TRIAL! So you can try this bed for 100 days. If you hate it after 90 days, schedule a pick up. Full refund. No questions. You truly cannot go wrong.

From night one we loved this bed.

WOW. So incredibly soft… but not to soft.

I have lower back issues and DO NOT LIKE overly soft mattress. I have always hated memory foam too… but there is something special about this bed and it is just so perfect. Travis and I have slept great since day 1… and now at almost 2 weeks, we cant imagine not having this bed.

I love it.

Our Kids adore it. (they all want Casper now)


The ONLY CON I have, is that after the initial unboxing, it has a funny smell. The smell though is gone within a few days.

We placed our mattress onto a plat form we purchased off amazon. It was $100.00. It is great. Does not squeak or anything. Solid and easy to assemble.

So for $1,000 we had a brand new King bed and frame. That I paid cash for. That btw is important for me to emphasize. I do not believe in debt and I believe firmly in paying cash for things. Esp things like this, that we dont really “need” but know will better our sleeping experience and marriage haha… I would strongly suggest anyone planning to get married, to just invest in a king from the get go. This sized bed would have saved us many frustrations with sleeping together. :) I’m a light sleeper. Travis is not. I cannot tell you how many times Ive kicked him out because I just could not sleep with his face so close to my face. (truth!) I wish we had purchased this bed 12 years ago.

So to those curious how I like the Casper.

Hands down the most amazing mattress we have ever owned.

The only negative thing to result from this….

I do not want to get up in the morning. :)

**Feel free to use this link to get $50.00 off your Casper Bed. -Casper has a great referral program too btw. If someone buys a mattress using your link, you get $50.00 too. The one thing I dont like is they put a CAP on that referral program. So once your coupon is used 5 times, you no longer benefit and get the $50.00 in return. I have actually already hit my max of 5 sales (yall rock!!). So I wont get a penny for at least a year, but at least you all can save $50.00 still, despite my hitting the quota already.


Eclipsed by Glory

worshipSunday I took the boys to worship… nothing new right? Well… this has been an area of struggle for us the last 6 months or so…. ever since Travis started his new job hours.. it has resulted in us not being able to attend worship together as a family, at least not at our church. Travis worked Sunday mornings and that meant no more worshiping together at First Baptist… We found a sweet little church nearby that did have evening worship… and while we had made friendships there and enjoyed our visits… I think a big part of us really missed the church we had grown to love so much. That had such an impact on our lives, it made it hard to consider going elsewhere.

Which is so funny… prior to our move to GA, we were a bit anti-mega church. We found them impersonal and just overwhelming… and while at times it can feel like this… as you get plugged into the church in small groups and areas of service… that once mega church begins to feel so much smaller.

Our 2 years (just about) in the City of Refuge program was life changing for us… and God broke down many areas in our life where we had strongholds and areas we struggled… First Baptist will forever and always been a church that we adore and love… and the Pastor there, Pastor Johnny Hunt is someone my husband and I both greatly adore. We love listening to him preach… as do our children. He is bold and unafraid to preach truth. I love his ability to speak the word of God powerfully with conviction and care, yet not fluff around topics where most shy away from.

So even though Travis cannot attend worship with me there… at least not until he gets sundays off (this happens only a few weeks out of a year right now). I will continue to go when I can with all four boys :) and be blessed by the words I hear and worship we experience.

One song that played this Sunday was the popular “He is Jealous” for me song. It was sung beautifully by Shelley E. Johnson Sunday and for the first time, it spoke to me in a way it never had.

I was always a bit puzzled as to what the song meant. When I would listen to it before the “He is Jealous for me” always stood out… and that was about it. It was a phrase I knew and was familiar with… but I never realized how truth filled and powerful another portion of the song was, until Sunday.

The words read….

He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions
Eclipsed by glory
and I realize just how beautiful You are
And how great Your affections are for me

There are times in life where things do not make sense.

Where we are facing afflictions and struggle… and during the struggle we don’t understand.

We wonder why…

… and we question Gods timing.

We are unaware in the midst of the storm that God can use these struggles in a way that will bring such glory.

Maybe never in our timing.

Maybe never in a way we would have chosen or saw to make sense.

… but I have seen it and I know I will continue to see God use our affiliations and eclipse them with Glory.

The entire song had new meaning Sunday.

Im thankful for it.

He is not only jealous for us… and our time…

… but he is powerful in the way He moves us in life.

Knowing his affection for us and his love for us is something we need to really focus on during the harder days… and during those storms that dont make sense.

Im so thankful for the ability to worship freely here.

Seeing people beheaded because of their faith… and hearing about those having to hide in dark quarters, closed off just to crack a bible… is so sad to me. We can worship freely here… with loud drugs or simple hymns… we are so blessed!

No church will ever be perfect.

No church will ever have exactly the music we want or love…

… choose to worship where you are.

May it be through old hymns like we sung at our old church… Such as this oldie I found on my youtube of my friend Jenn and I warming up for a song to sing one sunday morning [see below]… The memories I have from our former church are bitter sweet. I remember so clearly days Id sit in worship at that old church in NE NC… and struggle to find joy. Knowing the hate so many poured towards my husband and myself… and sitting in the congregation almost bitter and resentful, not wanting to worship with those who despised us so much over things so little. I was heavy with conviction and question for a long time at our old church. Loving so many yet struggling with hate in my heart as well, for those who were so hurtful. I remember yearning for contemporary worship and a liveliness I did not see where we where at the time… but I also remember a time where God reminded me, it wasn’t about the choir… or the drums and guitar… Worship is so much more than any of that…. it is a heart issue and learning to be content where God has us is part of it.

Today I am thankful for the winds and the journey God is taking us on….

I am excited to see how He will use it in the days to come.

Boy Room Redo

This weekend we decided to finally put forth a little effort in re-doing the boys bedrooms a bit.

We didn’t have much money to invest… but I knew I needed to do something.

I very much disliked their bedrooms the way we had them. I don’t have recent photos of how Taite’s room eventually became… but at one point he had his bed on the floor. Just a mattress… no frame, nothing… and it just looked terrible. The dressers we had were overly big… old. Had a lot of flaws and needed a lot of TLC… while they would have made great re-purposed pieces, I knew I didn’t have time for that. So I listed those to sell on facebook and sold both… along with the boys cheaper particle board desk.

We then decided to move Caleb into Taite/Owens old room… and to move Taite/Owen into Calebs old room.

So a task :) but one that I think went very well.

So here are some photos to show what was done :)

I will show before photos below as well. So to compare.

Caleb’s old room prior to the re-do


ED9A1050 ED9A1046

After the re-do – Now Taite & Owens Room


The dressers we got at IKEA. Lightweight and solid pine. Great price too.



Taite & Owens room before the re-do

– Their room was SO messy – always. The closets. The dresser. Always a mess. Because the drawers on their dresser were so heavy (since the dressers were old)… they had a terrible habit of leaving them open. This room also is very narrow… so it made putting two beds side by side impossible. A bunk works too and we have had bunks in this room before… Even when we had a bunk in the room, it just never looked the best. With the room re-do we are establishing much stricter chore rules… and these dudes are going to chip in their piece to keep their rooms nice and well taken care of. I am partly to blame for not enforcing this more. I think a huge part of my lack in motivation in this area, was the fact their rooms were always so “bleh” to me… I didn’t much care what they looked like because they functioned so poorly.



After the re-do – Now Calebs room




You can’t see inside the closets in either room… but we completely gutted them. Took everything out… organized their clothes on hangers… and took out ALL the toys. In Owen and Taites room we do have a small book shelf with a few toy buckets and things they enjoy. Besides that, there are no toys in their room. I did find them some cute lamps at Target. For $12.99. The lamp has two charging outlets on the base, which we love! It makes it so much easier for them to plug up their kindles and charge them.

Here is a close up:


So, that is it! I haven’t tackled Reeds room yet… but his room was never really an issue. Although his is kind of plain, it was never overly trashed. :)

The only thing we purchased for the room make over were the two dressers in the younger boys room… the lamps and thats it! My mom and dad brought the cute SOLID wood desk for Taites room this weekend. So that desk replaced the cheaper one we had. It has lots of great storage too.

We got rid of TWO TRASH BAGS FULL of boy clothes. We had so many boy clothing shoved into their drawers… it was a bit ridiculous how many clothes they had to choose room. Children do not need that much! Esp. children home schooled haha… I mean the pressure of “certain clothing items” is not heavy on my kids… and so having drawers full of so much really was causing more trouble. Making it hard for them to see what they had… and hard for them to put clothes away.

The boys so far have done a great job keeping up their rooms. We are really pushing them to put their clothes away as soon as they take them off… to get better about putting their clothes in the hamper… and hanging things up right away. We even got Taite a little stool (it use to be in our kitchen). This way he can hang up clothes easier in the closet. That stool btw comes from IKEA. Its solid pine and only cost $15! We ended up buying an additional one to replace the one in the kitchen. Great function-able stool…. that last. (the blue one is 5 years old)

While these rooms may seem simple :) – Im proud of them… and thankful for the means to make them a little bit better…

Boys World

You know you are living in a boys world, when you walk into their bedroom and see this….


August was a bit in defensive positioning here :)
Anytime you approach him from above he puffs up.
Thinking Im a big bird or predator.


He is gentle as can be though :)


Btw, Happy Valentines everyone.

We aren’t really into Valentines here… don’t do much at all… but it is a good excuse to eat sweets, so im game :)

Making it our own

Atlanta Artist Melissa Payne BakerI posted last week a piece of art work that my friend Lindsey gave me [the winner for that was chosen btw, thank you for all those who entered]. My love for art is nothing new but I will admit. I feel spoiled knowing such awesome artist personally.

I thought id share another piece in our home.

This one is by Melissa Payne Baker. She was named Atlantas top artist a few years in a row recently by a very popular magazine. She is very talented. I met her our 1st year here after she hired me to photograph her maternity portraits/birth of her son/newborn portraits and since then birthday parties and so forth. I feel honored to be her photographer and you cant help but fall in love with her family.

She painted this particular piece from inspiration of our journey over the years and my childhood memories of a creek growing up.

Her work is abstract and so beautiful. Her use of colors is perfect. I have 3 of her pieces now and love every single one. Each one special in its own way.

So thank you Melissa for this beautiful piece. I LOVE IT.

I do hope when we move and really settle in some place, that I can display it even better.


ED9A6467 ED9A6470


and for those curious how we are liking our Casper Bed. WE LOVE IT still! I look forward to sharing my thoughts more on this great bed soon. I wanted to give it a few weeks before doing my complete write up. If you missed our unboxing video you can see that HERE. :)