Worship is not an experience.

Worship is not an experience.

Worship has been something on my mind a lot here lately… It is something that I honestly had trouble with for many many years while serving in ministry. I knew how worship “went” in church. The singing of a few hymns. The occasional special music that had powerful lyrics that move you. I’ve experienced worship […]

Relish Motherhood. It goes quick.

I use to share more

I grabbed my camera this weekend. A camera that I feel I’ve neglected some, due to the ease of an iphone always being handy & the ease instagram provides. It takes me being intentional to actually use my “professional camera” but as my little one who is now, not so little, almost 4, napped. I […]

May Busy

I have been an awful blogger the last few weeks. I have so many idea of post Id love to type up… yet find myself very stretched thin. Hmmm, I wonder why ;-) – while life with four boys is very busy, I have also found myself busy with other things. Lots Id love to […]