Color options in our future Home?

So! We close on our house in less than a week now. eek! We can’t wait.

I thought it be fun leading up to it, to get other peoples thoughts on a paint color. Obviously, we each have our different taste…and I may choose a color some hate :) – but I do love putting it out there and hearing what others think about this sort of thing.

Alright, so the kitchen is a very dark yellow right now. I cannot say its a pretty yellow. No offense to the home owner who used that color… but its just not my style. The counter tops are black quarts with a bit of sparkle (they are beautiful, although if I had built the house myself and had another color option, I would have gone with something besides black, still, they are nice, so ill work with it.). The cabinets a soft off white. The appliances are black.

The photo to the right I took last week after a visit to the house. The home owners aren’t quiet moved out, so that is why it is messy in the photo. They had a bit of everything all over the place. It’ll give you an idea of what colors I have to work with though.

The kitchen opens up beyond the “globe” (bottom left of photo) to 3 large windows and a door. So that area is where our kitchen table would be. So it all be in the same room.

Here is a reminder of what our kitchen table looks like, because it most def. comes into play with color choices…


So our kitchen table is rustic… has hues of gray in it… its probably my favorite piece of furniture we own… so whatever color we use in this kitchen, has to compliment it. :)

Here are some colors I was leaning towards….

I even thought about doing a back splash… but I’m not sure what color… maybe a gray-ish wall with a warm hue… of either blue or green…with a tile back splash that is blue?? So many choices!

Alright the other room we want to paint is the living room.

It is a great size with so much charm.

The other side of the room has ceiling to floor built ins that are white. With a french door in the middle that leads to the screen porch. Here is a photo of them, sorry its so dark… and again its messy because the home owners were still in the “packing” phase when I took these.

I already purchased curtains for the front two windows in this room from world market. They had them 50% off, plus I had a 10% off coupon.. so I saved 60% on them. I couldn’t pass that up. So I got curtains in a blue-ish hue. They are these… The picture doesn’t do them justice though. They have a beautiful texture to them… and the color is much warmer and softer than the photo appears. So I want to paint this room around those blue-ish curtains. Because there is a fire place with old fashion brick though, I can’t go to cold… I feel like a warm color is a must but I dont want it to dark.

Here is what I was thinking…

A warm gray?? So the kitchen I would do a blue-ish warm gray? and then the living space a richer less blue gray but still warm. Does that make any sense?! Is that to much gray? haha… our sofas are still up in the air. We don’t have the beige ones we had in Atlanta… we gave those to a friend.. so we have to buy a new sofa. I was thinking of a darker brown sofa tho (in hopes to hide boy dirt haha).

Not leather though. We have an indoor cat with claws… so leather is a no go for us.

and this is the color of the school room (which is also on the main floor).


While I don’t LOVE the colors in that room, they actually seem calming to me… perfect for schooling.. so I may leave that room as is.

For those curious details about this house.

It was built in the 90s. Its in a very wooded neighborhood. I adore woods!! (hmmm goes with our last name, haha). I just love trees… and shade… and the backyard here is just perfect for our boys. Enough grass to play in… but enough woods to explore as well. Lots and lots of shade for those hot summer days. There is also a fire pit area already set up… and you all know we love fire pit time in our family.

The house is located on a huge cul-de-sac, so perfect spot for kids to ride bikes. We’ve noticed BOTH neighbors near us have play sets and trampolines/tire swing, so we are hoping there are kids around for our boys to meet. :)

It is a four bedroom. All the bedrooms are upstairs. The 4th bedroom is actually considered a FROG room (finished room over garage). So the ceilings are slightly lower on the sides of the room. Which can possibly become problematic with bunks… So for now we plan to put Taite and Owen in that larger room. It will also be a playroom… so hopefully I can organize it well to keep their beds on one side, play area on another. The other bedrooms will be an office/guest room and Caleb/Reeds room. If we have any more kids (we sort of feel this will happen)… then the guestroom would then become a nursery. Sorry mom and dad. We are hoping though that if and when this happens, we can possibly organize the larger FROG room to second as a guestroom for needed. We will cross that bridge when it comes. :)

Any who, thats about it :) – I look forward to posting some wider angle images taken with my real camera once we get things set up.

We close the 14th at 9am! Hope to paint before we move in (or have someone paint it for us)… and then move things in slowly. What is awesome about this particular move is we still have a place to lay our head in the process… so we may stay at our temp home a while longer in order to make the transition a little less crazy.

and to end… to those who think the posting of these photos is to ever brag. It is not. We are very blessed and I am so thankful for the ability to even buy a home. We know that many have so much less… and each time I think about how much we do have, I am humbled.. and thankful. I hope our home can be a place where we welcome families in… and a home to raise these boys up in. I just love to share our world with those who read the blog.. and with my family/friends around the globe. So my posting photos is for those purposes only. To share.

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Touch upsStep back 15 years… Had you interviewed me in high school, I would have never imagined life at 32, to look like my life today. I remember in high school seeing movies like 13 going on 30… I imagined my 30s at that time, to look a lot different.

When I 1st got married I was 19 years old. I had turned 19, 6 months prior to my wedding. I was such a baby! In fact when I meet teenagers today who are like 17… most baby sitting my boys :) and I think about how 2 years after my 17th birthday, I was a married woman… I just can’t imagine it for that 17 year old I am talking to. Not that it be bad for her or him… but its just funny how now at 32, when I meet teens that age, it seems just out of the question for them to marry as young as I did. Yet, I am evidence and there are many other amazing mothers/wives out there, who are examples of successful marriages and life as young brides.

When I first became a mom at 21… many of my friends had either just graduated high school… or had signed up for their 2nd year in college.

By the time I had my 2nd, those same friends were still in school… finishing up their degrees.


IMG_Family_Portrait_Atlanta_GA-1801-2Yet, here I was. A mom of two. Wife. Pastors wife.

Life at 23 for me was a lot different than at 32. Over the last 10 years I have gained a confidence in myself that I never had at 23.

I remember at times in our early years of marriage, wanting and wondering what life would have been like had I gone to college. I remember many days while up feeding a newborn… or dealing with a sick toddler, feeling depressed over the fact I was house bound with kids… while I knew so many my age had things so different.

I have such vivid memories of Satan pouring lies into my soul (some I believed) over how “things could be better…” how “I could be happier, if…

and at times Satan got the best of me… and I would fall into pits of depression… and picture my life differently. Resulting in discontentment… coveting…

I am so thankful for grace… and mercy… and forgiveness. Despite my struggles in my 20’s, the Lord always brought me back… and revealed such truth.

My life according to society may be backwards.

Did you know the average age of a bride is 27-29.

The average age a woman becomes a mother now is 30.

Nothing at all wrong with that btw…

We each do things at different times… no one should ever compare or doubt their life based on anothers.

I am so thankful I was that 19 year old bride.

Who became a mom at 21.



& 29.

I am thankful I have a spouse of almost 13 years now, who gets me. Now more than then. Not because we had fluffy marriage moments with hugs, kisses and fairy tale stories. Our marriage was full of doubts, arguments, miscommunications and even hurts… but through our struggles, God has created something so much stronger and better. I am glad neither of us gave up. :)

Our bank account may never be as secure as a couple who starts much later in life. Our grocery bill may look insane and unimaginable by many. I may never experience the trips to Hawaii or sight seeing in Europe… but my 32 could not be much sweeter.

I am thankful for each year… new gray hair and all that emerges. :D [I’ve only seen 3!! that is good right?]

All of my life today, has been a gift from Christ.

I would not be where I am today, had it not been for His working in my life.

Thankful at 32, to be a wife. A mother. A Pastors wife… but most of all, I’m thankful for my salvation… and for the Lords hand on each year.

I am blessed.


“I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way, I can choose to respond in one of two ways: I can whine or I can worship! And I can’t worship without giving thanks. It just isn’t possible. When we choose the pathway of worship and giving thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is a fragrance, a radiance, that issues forth out of our lives to bless the Lord and others.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy

Trip to Riverbank Zoo

Love these #aquarium pockets #columbiazooLast Thursday we got to go to the Columbia Zoo. Its also called Riverbank Zoo. It is a 140 acre zoo here in South Carolina… and I must say, It was very nice. We had a membership to the Atlanta Zoo last year and the Riverbank Zoo has it beat. It had a good number of indoor facilities too around the park, so if you got hot, you could regroup inside. The Penguin exhibit I think was our boys favorite. It was either that or the Giraffes. Although the aquarium they had was very nice as well.

A church member gave us free passes to go. My parents even drove up to visit and came with us. So it was a nice treat.

I do believe we will go back and purchase the membership for the year. It was most def. a place I could see going lots with the boys.

I didn’t take my camera with me… but I did take my iphone… so below are a few memories from the trip. :)



I am not sure Reed liked the Croc.




He love the #giraffes - so friendly! #columbiazoo

The bears were so cute taking a bath.


The boys got a kick out of the turtles fighting over a flower.



Since we got in for free, we treated the boys to “1” activity. Older two picked rock climbing. Younger to, Carousel.

Untitled Untitled

& to end, we saw the Apes. So cool! Taites remark when we left “Mom did you see that one Ape eat his booger?” Boys :)

Their communicating. ? #columbiazoo #gorilla

Essential Oils Update?

Thought it was due time to do an update for those interested on how I am liking my Rocky Mountain Essential Oils still.
I am loving them still and using Oils is still a part of our every day.

I have lots of post I have written. You can find all of them HERE.

Or the tab at the top of my blog that says “Essential Oils” will take you to the post as well. So be sure to check those out.

Why I shop with Rocky Mountain Oils.Rocky Mountain Oils recently had some changes happen to their website though… and the way they do business. Changes that do impact the customers for the better and so I thought Id share them with those who may not get their newsletter.

The 1st big change is that they will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders. So happy about this! Most Essential Oil companies over charge for shipping… Rocky Mountain already had inexpensive shipping to begin with, so to get it free now, is just amazing. SO no more waiting for a “free shipping” coupon or special to roll around. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING all the time. There are some restrictions based on where you live though, so be sure to check out all that information over on their site HERE.

The 2nd change is that they offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! So if you get an oil and for some reason it is not to your liking, you can return it. You can read more on that HERE.

I do believe there will be some more really cool changes in the near future… but for now those are the two most recent ones that I think people would be thrilled to hear about. :)

So now for a little update.

What are some of my most used oils?

Right now…

I adore Sacred Frankincense. I use it in my oil cleansing method to cleanse my skin. I also put it into my Lotion Bars. I use those on my face daily as well. Sacred Frankincense is amazing for our skin. It is not cheap though… so use it wisely.

I actually plan to try making a TONER with it… my skin tends to be on the oily side… and I thought that adding this to a witch hazel for toning purposes may work well together. I’ll keep you posted if I try that and it works well.

A list of my Favorite Essential Oils

I also use Lavender a lot for my skin. Since moving to our temp home on the farm, we have also dealt with a lot of bug bites. Our boys have been bitten almost daily by ants, wasp and other critters. Lavender helps soothe those bites so well! I keep it on hand at all times.

Another big one for our family are the oils I put into my hand sanitizer. I still to this day use this almost daily. It is so easy to make… and works so well. Up until just recently we went almost a full year without a cold in our family. I firmly believe it was from using these oils in our home on a daily basis… and while out spraying this stuff religiously on grocery carts, tables, the kids hands after nursery or play dates and so forth. That hand sanitizer has Melaleuca oil in it, Lemon and their Immune Strength Blend. You could use alternative oils too, depending on what you prefer. I have a friend allergic to CINNAMON, so she can’t use the Immune Strength blend… but there are other great alternatives to this blend… just got to research it and find a good fit for your family. For us, those 3 oils work great.

I do also use their Immune Strength on my boys feet any time we go into a public setting.
So before Reed goes to church on Sunday… or before a park trip… situations like that, where I know my boys may be in contact with colds. I apply it using ROLLER Bottles too. Way easier than the dropper bottles… If you want to read on how I DILUTE my Oils for my children, CLICK HERE.

A list of my favorite Essential OilsLemon Oil that I use in the Sanitizer I also use for our surface cleaner. Its a great one for cleansing the air too. I love to mix it with peppermint.

A few of my favorite oils to diffuse still are…



and Peace & Quiet.

All 3 of those are my go to for diffusing in the home, especially at night. Helps to settle my boys. I also really love to mix Lavender with Vetiver. Vetiver is one of those oils that kinda smells strange… but it is really good at calming boys. Some people even use it on their children daily to help with ADHD and so forth. When I home school I do diffuse it or the Attention Assist Blend. Both work well. They just don’t smell the best.

There really are so many great oils to mention…

When I think of my most used oils though, those are it.

If I am having to treat a cold… or cramps… there are obviously other oils Id use.. I could do a post alone in that regard. Feel free to comment if you are curious what I use for certain things and I’ll do my best to respond.

I’ll try and keep everyone posted on any changes RMO (Rocky Mountain Oil) has coming up… hopefully I can do a giveaway in the future too!

Disclaimer: The above post contains affiliate links. All of the Essential Oils though were purchased by me. I was not paid to write this post or compensated for my time.

Fast Time

2001-fullThis morning as I tried to wake up… I got on to check my messages and saw an update post from a girl I went to high school with. I clicked it and it was a link to an obituary. My Science Teacher from High School had passed away. He was 62. He was one of my favorite teachers my entire high school years. I just loved the way he taught but also how he treated his students. He was one of those teachers you just never forgot. Yet now he is gone. It seems to soon.

He was younger than my dad.

It then got me thinking about how fast time really does go.

It does not feel that long ago I was in his class room. Watching other students get caught up in high school dramas. Worried about boys. What they wore. Consumed with social status and being liked (don’t worry, I was in some of those ruts too at times)… I remember many high school mornings walking around half asleep (so not a morning person then or now)… but one thing that I remember so clearly was “wishing the days away”. Any one with a “eh” and “so so” high school experience can relate. The photo to the right was taken my senior year. I still remember the day that was taken. I hated having my photo taken. I was not very secure in myself… lacked confidence. In High School I never felt I clicked with much of anyone. I for some reason felt years beyond my peers, unable to relate… I was not into any thing school related and I believe I had one of the worse “school spirits” you could have… I could not wait for graduation day and for those days to be over.

Who would have thought that 2 years after sitting in that classroom with that Science teacher who is now gone… I would then become a bride…


and not long after that, a mother.


1Year after year passed so much faster now. Every few years we had another baby. In fact for those who have kept up with me. We had a new baby in every new city we lived in. We laugh that its inevitable we have a 5th, since we are now in a new city.

We moved.


and again.

Life changed.

We met new people, experienced new highs and lows.

and the days of “I can’t wait for this to be done!” never came again.

We all have our bad days and some times months or even years… but its funny how our desire for times to go quickly are over. Life becomes much shorter and precious.

Here is a great song that kind of sums up some of those emotions…

Its a reminder for me to remember to focus on the now.

To stop sitting around questioning things so much.

Last night after watching House Hunters, I questioned the house we are buying. Wondering if its “the house” for us. Debating in my head if its big enough. Going back and forth reasoning with scenarios that may never be. Why do we do that?

Why do we consume ourselves with the “possibilities“?

Day dreaming of how things could be better.

Seeing that Science Teachers Obituary was a reminder for me this morning of how quickly time does go. I am sure life ending at 62 for him, was never something he planned for… no amount of worrying changed it… and dwelling on “possibilities” didn’t make it come any later. I’m so so sad he had to go so soon with so much life left to live.

How are we living our life, now?

I am reminded on days when life seems to be going fast… to be extra intentional and be an example to my boys of a mother who loves Jesus…

Instead of the mom who just wants to be left alone for 5 minutes.

Or the wife who dreams of something more.

The friend who battles loneliness. Despite friendships.

The depression that hovers on days I feel not needed or life feels to unimportant. Ignoring all that we have around us as mothers… and yet never being satisfied.

What is your focus today?

I think its something we should dwell on more… rather than what may be.

I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return. May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation—the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ—for this will bring much glory and praise to God.” – Phil 1:9-11


Things to learn about farm life :) – Update on House

Since moving to this beautiful farm. Things I have learned very quickly.

ED9A2899There are a lot more bugs here than in the city. While we still saw roaches, crickets, spiders and ants in the city… it just wasn’t as many. Maybe having pest control people spray, really does help… :-D Either way, lots of bugs here! When you need to go fishing. Set a wheel barrel upside down and you have a huge supply of black crickets at your disposal. Leave food out, within seconds, lots and lots of ants.

One way I have repelled ants naturally while living here too, is to use Cinnamon Bark Oil and Peppermint Oil. I put it into a spray bottle with some water, shake it well and spray it around any cracks and areas ants may be coming in. The first few nights here we had issues with small black ants getting into the kids beds. Yup… They weren’t biting but they did wake you. The Cinnamon and Peppermint spray did wonders. So I do recommend that. Smells good too!

For those scared away by the huge price tag on the Cinnamon Bark. Do know that having that oil in your oil collection is worth it. I use it constantly! Its one of my go to to treat illness… and I use it in my immune strength blend I make for the kids. Because I own all the oils in the Immune Strength Oil Blend, I actually just make up my own now. Saves on cost I think. Plus I can add more or less of a certain oil depending on what I want.

ED9A2904Oh and for MOSQUITOES I am using THIS recipe. Oddly enough since living here we haven’t noticed many mosquito’s. Maybe they are to busy biting the horses to worry with us? :)

Another thing about the Country life I have learned… is that I am highly allergic to horses. Like for real allergic. Not just a small allergy. A, swell up, hives, close your throat up kind of allergy. The awesome guy who owns this land and horses, treated our boys to some horse back riding this weekend. These horses are POLICE TRAINED horses too. They’re amazing. The boys got to comb the horses… hear a little bit about their training… and then ride. I could tell pretty early on during the “barn” combing period… that my allergies were already beginning to flare up… but I figured it would be no big deal and Id be fine once I got home. Well, I decided to ride the horse for 2 minutes… and I guess that did it. Within minutes of leaving and getting home my upper lip swelled up like a balloon. Got hives all over it. My eyes swelled and got red and itchy… I then broke out in hives up and down my arms and legs!! and then my throat began to tighten. Making it hard to swallow. I was shocked at how bad I got and how fast it all happened. I took some medicine and it took a solid 3 hours before I started to feel better and the swelling went down.

So despite how beautiful horses are… I am going to keep my distance.

Another thing I have realized. My boys love dogs. This place is full of them! The owner has a former police German Shepherd named Bolow. (not sure on the spelling haha). He also has a Great pyrenees dog called Buzz. He is HUGE!! There is also a lab (I forget her name). She is so sweet and will continue to bring you a tennis ball over… and over again until you play with her. Here is a photo of Owen playing with her.


The owner also has these two small poodles that chase our boys. They think its hilarious! So lots of furry friends out here to see. It kind of sort of makes me want a dog. However, I am allergic to them… so I’m not sure it work out. Travis really isn’t into the “hypoallergenic” dogs either. Im allergic to cats as well but Toby our cat doesn’t seem to agitate my allergies, as long as he doesn’t get in my face. So a dog may not be to bad. Still, in time. I defiantly am in no rush to own a dog.

I love the sights here… We are so thankful to have this quaint place to keep our family during this time of waiting.

It will be a place we will forever remember. Its been fun to build memories here.

Here are a few more photos from our horse riding adventure.




ED9A2930We also have met a new friend since living here.

A few days after being on the farm I got a phone call from a friend of ours back in Atlanta. She was actually a neighbor too! Lived in our neighborhood and went to church with us. She was a home school mom of 5 as well. Her kids were all much older than mine… but I liked that. Always nice to connect with moms who are a few years older who you can learn from. Any how, she called me up and told me her Niece just moved to the same town we just moved too! That her niece just had her 2nd baby girl and that we’d get along well. So she gave me her information and she gave her Niece my info. A few days later we connected, hung out at the pool and got to know each other. We discovered they are living in a neighborhood within walkin distance to the farm! In fact her backyard backs up to the farm! Crazy coincident huh? Her girls are adorable!!! We got to see them again Sunday morning at church and invited them out to the farm to see the horses as well. My boys got to ride her 17 mo. old little girl on the horses and I must say, it made me want a 5th baby haha… was very sweet to see.

Its really cool how God brings people into your life in such a cool way. This family also CAME from the same city in Atlanta, Woodstock, that we came from. So they are familiar with our former life there…They even attended the same church we went to while there… we just never ran into each other.

We are excited to get to know them better.





Now… Update on the house we are buying.

We had the inspection done… and it came back with some pretty big issues. 1. Termites. There were some in the front den, which had caused some rot problems in the sub floor. So the subfloor and a portion of the hard wood floors in that room have to be replaced. When we heard this, we kind of expected they’d say no to the repair and re-list house for more, fix the floors and hope to make more money off the sale… we offered 10K less than asking.. so we just weren’t sure what to expect.

There were a few other issues that needed attention… over all they’ll prob spend 3-6K fixing these problems. Roughly. We wrote up the addendum with the realtor and sent it over to the sellers agent. To our surprise they agreed to fix EVERYTHING we asked for. So that is going to be happening the next few weeks… and if all goes as planned we close on August 17th.

I have had some wavering back and forth. Wondering if we got the right house… doubting… dwelling on “what ifs” and worrying myself to death about it! Buying a house is a big deal… and when we went looking for a home I so desired one really close to the church. Since that is what we knew prior in ministry. We always lived very close. However, after looking at 30 some homes, we just realized that may not happen this time… The house we found is 16 minutes from the church. We timed it last night :) – so it really isnt THAT FAR… even tho it kind of feels like it right now. It isn’t next door… its not within walking distance… but its close enough. We also will be in a great neighborhood with beautiful large oak trees and shade. The yard is almost an acre… shaded… with grass and woods for the boys to play around. A beautiful wrap around porch… and lots of charm. Its also on a very large and nice cul-de-sac!

So it is a great home.

… and I’m having to trust the Father that if this isn’t meant to be, it wont happen… and who knows, it may happen… and we may move in 3 years to a closer house. I’m going to try really hard not to live in the “what may come” limbo phase tho… and hope that once we move in there, I can make it our own and plant some roots.

I think our history of moves has made this very hard… but it is something I greatly desire.

House-side Fishing

ED9A2868The temporary housing we are living in right now, has turned out to be such a special place. While I look forward to getting into our own home, the charm of living on a farm has been really special.

The trailer we are in is at the back of a 100 acre farm… and we are not only surrounded by horses on both sides and the front… but we also have easy access to a beautiful pond.

Saturday Travis took the boys fishing there… and while we didn’t have much luck ;-) – it was still really cool to just be able to walk there and enjoy the outdoors. One thing we are learning though, is in South Carolina, if you intend to do anything outdoors… do it before it gets to hot. Seems like before 10am here its already 90F… gets so hot, so fast.

I want to invest in some insulated water bottles for the kids too… they complain about being thirsty constantly now, and plastic water bottles just don’t stay cold long enough. I was hoping to find a bottle that had some sort of SLING for the kids to wear it across their chest? Does anyone know of something like that available for children? That way I don’t have 4 water bottles shoved into my purse… Id love for them to have something THEY can carry on their own.

Below are a few more photos from the morning :) Enjoy.


They caught their own bait. Crickets!



This is walking “away” from the Trailer. Towards the pond.


This is what you see if you turn around. :) Thats our cute little trailer we are in currently.







Here is one of the horses near the house.