Essential Oil Back to School Giveaway

ED9A5565For those local to me, the journey back to school has already begun. However, I know lots of peeps elsewhere that have not begun…. so I suppose this giveaway is a little late for the Georgia peeps but just in time for those in other states with later start dates.

With going back to school comes the dreaded war of germs…

Even though we homeschool, we face this as well. Not to the degree of those in a public or private school setting… most of our colds seem to come from parks, grocery carts or church nurseries. Kids getting bugs, regardless of where they attend school, is a part of life… It seems to be something you just get use to once school starts. Or maybe not. I kinda don’t get use to it ;-) – and with 4 kids now, having a house with sickness, is so difficult.

If I know of a way to keep my kid from getting sick, I am all for it.

Rocky Mountain Oils (AKA NAN) would like to giveaway some essential oils today on my blog!

TWO hand picked oils geared towards going back to school. Two oils I own and have used for many months now. Two oils I love and lather my kids in.

Those two oils are called:

Attention Assist & Immune Strength.

To those unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Oils… yet familiar with Young Living or DoTerra EO… Immune Strength is comparable to Young Living’s Thieves® Oil and DoTerra’s OnGuard.

Immune Strength is: Formulated to strengthen the immune system and is a powerful all around maintenance oil. It is beneficial against infections, inflammation, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, and microbes, a general tonic, supportive to the nerves, respiratory, urinary and circulatory systems.” The blend of oils in this product are formulated to assist in protecting the body from the onset of malaria, flu, colds, and coughs.

Read more on this oil over on the Rocky Mountain Oil website. It has so many benefits.

Any time we plan to go into a public setting with lots of lil germie hands :) – I use this oil. I prep my oils into roller bottles… Making it easier for my kids to apply the oils on themselves when needed. They are always monitored though. Oils are expensive. Last thing I want is a kid getting happy with a bottle and wasting oil.

Diffusing them is also one of the main ways I use my oils. I think breathing them in is key, esp. when sickness is going around.

Next oil…


Attention Assist is: Formulated specifically to help you treat ADD and ADHD. In research tests it was established that these oils were definitely beneficial for those with ADD and ADHD. The Vetiver was the most effective, showing that it helped 100% of the test cases*. Since all the oils in the study showed some benefit, we have blended them together so that all their benefits are synergized into a powerful blend.” – Read more about this oil on the Rocky Mountain Oil Website.

ED9A5564I diffuse Attention Assist any time we school. I find it really helps my children to stay on task. In fact I schooled the other day without it and there was a significant difference. We made it through “A” single science lesson…. that was it, before my boys minds began to wonder and showed signs of irritability and the inability to pay attention or focus. The oils help without a doubt. DIFFUSE DIFFUSE DIFFUSE! :) I keep the larger AROMACLOUD Diffuser from Rocky Mountain Oils in the school room for those curious. I also have the smaller one. EITHER one works great. The larger one just requires less refilling. The image to the right shows the AROMACLOUD on full blast. It puts out a pretty large cloud. My kids love to just stare at it.

Alright, to the good stuff.

I have 6 bottles to giveaway.
So 3 winners! Each winner will get an Immune Strength as well as an Attention Assist Oil!

Canadian’s and USA readers may apply.

I have a few ways to enter… but one way is mandatory to enter. You will need to sign up for the Rocky Mountain Oil Newsletter. It is a great one to be a part of… and you will not be spammed or hassled with daily emails. Those who subscribe to them will be the first to be notified of discounts and promotions up to 50% off. So if you plan to purchase any oils from them, its worth signing up for any way. They send out around 3-4 emails a month. Thats it!

Additional entries can be acquired as well.
Below is a Raffle Copter Widget. Check it over in order to enter.
If you have any questions or have trouble entering feel free to comment. I will help you out.

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Disclosure: I was not provided with these oils in order to conduct this giveaway. The oils are mine and purchased by myself. Thankful to Rocky Mountain Oils who agreed to sponsor this giveaway however and is shipping the winners prizes direct. They rock!

Feel free to read WHY I chose to go with Rocky Mountain Oils over the more popular brands out there today HERE.

Learn how to make my homemade lotion bars using their oils HERE.

My go to BUG spray using their oil Bug-Off HERE.

…and a new favorite surface cleaner recipe using their lemon oil HERE.

Be sure to take advantage of the coupon code
Rocky Mountain Oil’s has issued me as well.
“wood10″ at checkout – 10% off your order.

**EXPIRES August 31st!**

Suicide and Depression

If you are at all on any sort of social media. Or watch the news. You would have heard by now that the beloved actor Robin William’s was found dead yesterday. I first found out about this on instagram… It caught my eye immediately because just a day or so prior, my son Caleb and I had just had a conversation about Robin Williams. We had recently watched the Night at the Museum movie together and Caleb was curious about the actor who played the Theodore character. He then went on saying how he has seen him in A LOT of movies and liked him.

One of his favorites is the movie Hook. It came out in 1991… hard to believe… use to be one of my favorites. When it released I was around 8 years old or so. Maybe a little younger.

My cousin’s, brother and I use to pretend play Peter Pan often. I always pretended to be Tinker Bell, since I was the smallest in our group…. but because I was darker skinned and darker haired, I sometimes got cast as Tiger Lilly. Who is not in the Hook movie :) – but was in the cartoon.

All this being said…

Many I know who are my age have memories of Robin William’s in their life. He was amazingly talented… and made almost anyone smile. I loved his imperfections and quirkiness… it made him who he was and everyone loved him for that.

I cannot imagine what his family is going through right now…. I am not one to ever write a blog post about someone who recently died… I want to respect the family and what they are going through. I cant imagine loosing someone in the public eye like they have.

That being said.

I know this may seem rather lame… or cliche’ … but if you are struggling with depression, please reach out. I for one have struggled with it throughout the last few years. Especially after I had baby Reed. My hormones and our situation added fuel to the fire and I was a mess. I remember many mornings waking up beside that precious baby… and physically not being able to even move!

I recall so clearly one morning telling Caleb I needed someone to take them. That mommy did not feel able to care for them. I called up a friend and she came as fast as she could. Gathered my kids and took them to her house the rest of the day. While I literally laid flat on the carpet floor, as if I was in a literal fog and unable to move. It is one of the strangest feelings I have ever felt…. but I knew when that happened, something was not right and so I sought professional attention. We during that time had lots of contacts with professional counselors and psychologist… all believers and safe sources of help. I was able to be seen right away and medicated for my postpartum depression.

Prior to my having to go through that myself, I use to frown upon Christians who needed to be medicated.

I use to think ignorantly that if they had a good enough relationship with Christ, that God would heal them and that medications should not be needed.
While I believe God can heal and God can do super natural works in peoples lives… I also believe now that depression is very much chemical and of course in some situations environmental…. but regardless of the cause/source… it is very real and very scary.

Years before moving to GA… I followed a blogger who was a mom of 3… BEAUTIFUL stunning mom… a photographer with an amazing talent. Her blog was so fun to read… and I had followed her since 05′ when I began blogging. I saw her post when she introduced her baby girl… and then when she introduced her 3rd born… she was so sweet… and at one point we even txted about meeting up.

One day I got a random email or txt, I forget… asking me if I had heard about my friend. I will keep her name private out of respect for her family… but some of you may know who I am speaking about. I responded to the txt with something like “No, whats wrong?! what happened?” – she then responded back with “she killed herself….

I honestly thought this was a joke and did not believe it.

Sure enough though…. it was true.

She was gone.

She took her life…. and there was no taking it back.

My first thought was “How could she be so selfish!” – while I was sad for her life lost… My thoughts immediately went to her children… I was so sad for what this would do to them… and it just broke my heart.

I replayed stuff in my head over… and over… wishing I had known she was sad.

Wishing she had reached out…

Wondering if I could have done something differently… to change the situation.

Just so confused as to why…. and how could she.

A believer.

A mom.

A wife.

A beautiful, beautiful woman.

Gone, by her own hands.

To this day It still seems unbelievable to think about her doing that…. and I often wonder how her children are doing now years later…. her blog still sits there… full of her words and photos of her family… with no updates.

One day the blog just stopped.

So to those reading. If you are struggling with depression. Reach out.

Email me! (drea[at] I mean I may be a stranger to you but I am an open book… and while I am not the best on the phone with all the kid interruptions… I will find time if someone needs me. Write me… reach out to a family member…a counselor. A Pastor. A friend.

You are not alone… and if you are struggling with depression, know it is real…. and its ok to admit to the struggle.
I for one, at times feel ashamed of my struggle… but when I see things like Robin William’s committing suicide come up on the news… I want nothing more than to post everywhere, the very real struggle of depression and power it can have in ones life… I want people to understand its ok…

Don’t take your life.

God gave us one life… it was meant to be lived. Not taken….


I love how close these two are….


Truly is so sweet to see. Reed trust and loves his big brother so much. Even when he is rotten and showing his up and coming age 2 off a bit, Caleb is so patient with him.

In just a week – ailments!

#homeschoolbreak by the pool  #homeschool #wesleptinIn just 1 week.

We had 2 kids barf. More than once.  Stomach bug… food poisoning. The world may never know. Whatever it may be… anything barf, is about as bad as it gets in my book (for child related cold-issues). I hate everything about throw up… and would rather give birth without any pain killers, than to barf for hours. NO THANKS!

Parents came in town. Always nice… but was a lil scared they may contract whatever nasties we had… thankfully they did not.

While they visited. Owen contracted some weird facial rash. Pretty sure it is some sort of poison ivy rash…. sent it to a friend of mine who went to school for skin stuff and works for a dermatologist… shes pretty confident that is what it is.

Tonight Reed fell, hit his fore head onto a wall socket plate. Split the plate with his head, resulting in a Y shaped cut on his fore head. Thankful a band aid did the trick this time but it may leave a small scar. Then again, maybe not.

I tell you though. Some weekends I feel as if every wall is caving in. I think the overly rainy weather in Georgia has been putting extra fuel to the fire… I hate rainy days… A RAINY DAY, is ok. COUNTLESS ONES, not so much. I believe in environmental changes affecting peoples moods and depression. As much as I hate heat, I need sunshine. Amen.

We hoped to attend church tonight after Travis got off work. That also did not happen. He got stuck at work and didn’t make it home in time. I was looking forward to going too. So that was kinda a bummer. Although we did get some much needed house stuff going tonight. Still. Sunday for me without church, feels off. Worship is so important. When you miss it, you feel it.

In it all. Thankful to be in a country where we are safe… where our children are sleeping comfortably in bed…

Travis showed me some stuff going on overseas with Christians being persecuted… to the point they started to behead their children…. I try not to even think about it to much because its so terrible to think of. PURE EVIL… how messed up… and sad. Really you cant even put into words how terrible that is.

Prayers go out to those there… I truly cannot imagine.




Diffused – Repost

You all know I love diffusing EO. I own a few diffusers and love them all. Recently I found one though that was a little cheaper than most available. While I love my Rocky Mountain Oil / NAN Diffusers (I recommend those before the one below… but both do the job), I do realize people have budgets (amen)… and sometimes you have to bargain shop in certain areas. While I don’t suggest going with dirt cheap oils (there’s something to be said if the price is to good to be true)… when it comes to things like a diffuser, I think its ok to look for price cuts. Esp. if it is an item for a child, who may not be the most gentle with things. If they break a $25 diffuser its one thing. They break an $80.00 one, Id prob loose it.

I purchased my oldest a diffuser from the company Puritan’s. Feel free to CLICK HERE to view the diffuser. Its $5.00 off right now and shipping is free!

It works well and its easy enough for my 9 year old to fill up and use himself. It does not produce the amount of steam that my NAN/RMO diffusers produce… but it still produces the smell just fine. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that is an option.

I am now off to clean my closet. Its in a disastrous mess!

My parents are in town visiting… so see yall next week. Hopefully I will get up my giveaway then for some free oils.

In the mean time… Here are some popular pinned post of mine to look back on.


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