Taite & Owen’s Room / Playroom

Thought Id show you all what our middle boys room looks like. Taite (age 8) and Owen (age 5) share a room. This was how it was in Atlanta as well. Even though Taite and Caleb are closer in age, we found that putting Owen and Taite together worked better than Caleb & Taite. We also knew once Reed became older we’d probably want him to be with his older brother for a few years… at least until Reed was old enough to know not to get out of bed. I remember that being a huge battle at age 2 for all my boys. To the point we’d have to put a baby gate up to lock them in their bedrooms. I am sure any mom of a 2 or 3 year old knows the battle well. Owen was the worlds worst at falling asleep by the gate. :) Memories haha.

So Taite and Owen share the back FROG (finished room over garage). It is HUGE!!! in fact its to big IMO. I prefer smaller bedrooms… (not complaining tho, space is nice!) If I had to design a house though, Id much prefer MORE bedrooms, than one larger one. Then again, having a larger room for boys is fun. It allows for lots of space to wrestle and play. This room seconds though as a playroom/entertainment room. Its towards the back of the house upstairs too, so if you shut the door to it, its actually pretty good at keeping things quiet downstairs.

I use to be the anti-TV mom. So let me explain why theres a HUGE one in this room. :) The TV that is in their room is not hooked up to any cable or TV… its merely for when they want to watch a VHS movie (yes we use a VCR haha)… or if they want to play the Wii. They of course are not allowed to use this at night without permission. My parents gave us their old larger flat screen, so this TV was our old flat screen in our living room. Its quiet big! It is nice to be able to tell the boys to go play Wii or something upstairs, out of our family room. That way if we want to watch something together, they can have some entertainment on a friday night, or something like that. Great for when they have friends over. So while I am not the type to let kids veg on TV at night or all day in their bedrooms… I have now become the type to love my boys having their own entertainment space.

Eventually, once Reed is bigger, I would love to put him in this room too. We have the bunk beds “de-bunked” at the moment. If and when we put bunks back up, we will have to invest in some new ones. This old set is on its last life… the railings on the top bunk split and are broken… so we can no longer use it as a bunk bed safely.. its tipsy too. Lets just say, we’ve had TREE of our boys fall off the top bunk… :-\ So, a good bunk bed with workable railings, is a must for safety. haha…

Enjoy the tour :)




To those curious where the electric ball light came from. That came from my childhood! My mom kept it over all these years. My brother and I use to love that thing :) – its still working great almost 2 decades later. I tell you, they do not build things like they use to! Seems like stuff like that you buy today, breaks in 2 years. So sad. Quality just isnt the same today.

Abraham the Camel

This weekend we had a church picnic. It took place on the farm we spent 5 weeks at. I found it sweet, that when we pulled up, Reed (age 2) said “Its my house!” – remembering where we called home for those few weeks. They loved it there.

We had an amazing turn out at the picnic… largest crowd they’ve ever had they told us. Travis baptized 3 in the pool there by the pond… we enjoyed great food, fellowship, fishing, golf cart riding, horse back riding and more. Was a great time and we hope they do it again sooner than later :)

Below are a few images from the evening…


This by the way is Abraham. The owner of this farm owns him. Yup. A Camel :)

He was fed by a mountain dew bottle I believe as a baby camel, so he is kind of obsessed with Mtn. Dew.










The Wood Knots

My boys love watching youtube videos. Closely monitored of course. So we decided, as a way to teach them some stuff about video (imovie), overlaying music, creativity and public speaking, that this would be a fun way to dabble.

So here is their first video!

The series on their channel will all be tasting new foods. Mostly snacks :)

If you would like to send the boys something to try e-mail them at TheWoodKnots[at]gmail.com (I check this btw, not them haha)… and I can fill you in on how you can send them a package. They’d love it and try everything on camera.

Their inspiration for this channel was by EmmyMadeinJapan on youtube. They enjoy her channel.

To end. Can I just add, that being able to do things like this with my boys, while it takes work, is so worth it! The grow so fast… and I am cherishing the days when they are willing and enjoy this sort of thing. I hope it does nothing but build in them a love for each other and spending time together.

Oh and ABSOLUTELY SUBSCRIBE and SHARE SHARE SHARE their channel. They are going to be so tickled when they fill up with subscribers. Comment too. :) Thanks everyone!


Total fail this week to blog… sorry! It has been so busy getting back into the routine of home schooling. I feel like we are still adjusting to a new schedule as well. For the last few years in Atlanta I had gotten use to my husband working a set amount of hours on certain days… and while his schedule changed every 4 weeks, it had become our normal. I am very thankful for a much more flexible schedule now… but it has taken some adjusting.

So, since this week is shot. I thought Id highlight a few things I have enjoyed lately :)

Being able to find RAW milk without pre-ordering it. Back in GA RAW milk was illegal. So in order to buy it, you had to find a local farmer. Order it. Then pick it up. While this wasn’t awful, it was just something you “HAD” to remember to do, or else you didn’t get any. Here in SC, selling RAW milk is legal. So its much easier to find. We buy ours from a local nursery/produce store about 5 minutes from our home. A local farm (that is tested and run well) delivers to them every Tuesday. So the last few weeks I have just made it a habit to drop by their store every tues or wednesday. Here is a post on REASONS to drink RAW Milk. :)

I have also been buying our fresh farm eggs from this same source. A lady at our church though has a lot of chickens, so I am secretly hoping to get them from her in the future. Her hens aren’t laying a lot right now due to light changes… but once they do, I’m all for getting eggs every Sunday! :D

– I have loved living close to a lake. A rather large one. Its so peaceful and beautiful there… I just hate its going to get cold soon and we wont be able to swim any more. I am sure regardless of temperature, we will enjoy the shores of this lake many times.

– Living in a neighborhood again, so we can enjoy lots of walks. I’m a fan of a good walk or bike ride. Having paved roads for me is a must for that haha… while I adored living on the farm we stayed at for 5 weeks, it wasn’t ideal for my evening or morning walks. Reed in this photo I think was secretly telling me he wants a baby brother or sister. haha… (no, I’m not pregnant) :D

– Breaking in my new kitchen. I love it. While its design is different than our last. New lay out. It is a great space and so charming. I truly enjoy my time in it.

– Making my home, special. Unique. Small touches that make it ours.
This pot rack my dad made us when we lived in NC, in a small parsonage. He made it so I would have a place to store my pots… the kitchen we lived in then was SO SMALL… and so this was a piece that truly helped my ability to function in our space. We have not used it since then… due to the layout of our Atlanta home. It just didn’t work in that space. This kitchen though, it fits PERFECTLY and I love it.

– Discovering a creek behind our home (sorta). This is a hike back but its a cool space. It technically is not on our land though but we got permission to explore. If this was our land, Id totally clear a straight path to this small creek and find ways to make it playable. :) For now, its a bit dangerous for the little ones… but perfect for big boys who want to explore.

– and… I have truly enjoyed getting to know all the great people at our new church. It has been a bit weird for me to be a “Pastors Wife” again. I haven’t been one in almost 4 years. Thankful for all the sweet people who have baked us goodies, given us gift cards, baby sat our boys, helped us move in and so forth. We are blessed. Our boys are getting into a routine here and I love seeing them grow comfortable with those they are around weekly at church. Reed esp. while he still cries some when I drop him off for Nursery, he is getting familiar with certain people, resulting in less emotional tears. :) I love that he is recognizing people and shakes hands with the older men in the church saying “Im Reed!” as he goes by.

So its busy here… but we are thankful.

Forgive the delay in posting. I do hope to do some more room tours next week. I want to show everyone the boys bedrooms… they are just disasters right now after such a busy week schooling… Lets just say, I try not to even look in them. :\ Life with kids. Results in really well lived in homes haha, not magazines.

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Boy must

ED9A3674We got the trampoline put together at the new house. We’ve had this thing for 6 years now and must admit, its a boy must! Our boys don’t use it a ton in the summer but in the fall, they are on this thing non-stop. They used it so much in the recent years that the netting ripped and began to become more of a hazard than help. So we took it down. So yea… we are that family with the “unsafe” trampoline. Although, as a kid growing up, we never had a net. We some how survived.

For those who remember our old Atlanta backyard. You would remember we had to hike down a long hill to get to the trampoline. While the view was beautiful, the hike could be a bit of a pain. Esp. when you’d have to tote a 2 year old up the hill.

I do miss parts about that yard but I love how at this house, you walk out onto the screen porch and there it is. A level yard just a few feet away. From our screen porch I can rest in the hammock and watch the boys play. No complaints :)



New Living Room make over :) – partly any way

ED9A3431I had to go ahead and post this. It was driving me nuts not to show the before/after. I have a shelf unit I want to get up in our new living room. It will go on the empty wall behind our 3 seat sofa. I want to put in a floating shelf that will display all our photos. (I have a lot). I also want to figure out something with our TV above the mantel. I’m not a huge fan of this look… but the house had a TV mount already installed… and with the shape of this room, having the TV above the fire place just works. SO, we let it be. The thing that bothers me are the amount of cords going down the side of the fire place… we want to have some electrical work done to place an outlet spot behind the actual TV… that will hopefully help with this issue. Because of the mass amount of cords, I have used tiny suitcases and decor to attempt to HIDE the bunches of black wiring.. It is just very congested looking and bothers me… but for now, it works… and in time we will make that look a lot more “seamless” and less crowded. For now, see pass the wires and mess around our mantel. :)

The room to me does not look complete without the photos up either.. so it is a bit incomplete as of today… but hopefully you can see the direction its going from these after photos.

The room prior was an orange color. While it didn’t photograph bad in the before, in person it was VERY DARK. This room does not get a ton of natural light due to lots of trees in our yard. So I felt the room needed a more neutral and light color to open the space up.

The built ins I also painted with a pop of color. I love how they turned out.

The sofa set that matches (a love and regular sofa) we got at a thrift shop for $349.00 – with delivery! total score. They are in great shape! The recliner set towards the painting in the room was given to us by a church member too. Its a nice piece and reclines with a push of a button.

The coffee table is an old antique chest the former home owners left behind. It needs some repair work – there is a broken piece towards the back… but if you didn’t look to close you wouldn’t even notice. I put extra throws into it and the boys enjoy using it as a table for toys and such.

The Rug I got at Ross. Its Turkish and beautiful! It was a splurger piece… $80.00 – retail these rugs are $200.00+ though, so I still believe it was a good deal.

Enjoy the pics :)




All the photos ALONG the top and bottom of mantel I hope to relocate once the shelf is built and wires concealed. :)



Here are a few details in the room…


My mom made that beautiful chevron crochet blanket, I love it!


The painting towards the back left is by Melissa Payne Baker, a friend and client of mine in Atlanta, GA.


The Curtains I got from World Market for 60% off! I love them.


Here is a close up of some of the built ins.


The bottom of the book shelf to the left is a weird big open spot that was obviously meant for an old school TUBE TV :) … we obviously wont have a TUBE TV there, so for now I placed our big pillows the kids use to lay with and watch TV sometimes… and an vintage suitcase. I do hope to add doors to this opening one day… It isnt a priority at the moment though.

and… to end… If you ever come to our house, you will see this…

TOBY’S Chair.

This chair was Travis’ old office chair in the basement.. No one really ever saw it… but this chair kept our Cat Toby from scratching up our furniture. This was his place to stretch his claws. It was his perch haha and he loves it!

We hate how it looks… but we have yet to part with it because we fear if we do, Toby will begin finding a new scratching post… more than likely our new sofa set. So, for now this ugly thing stays… I do hope to find him another option that is a bit prettier :) – but for now, we just keep this kinda hidden in the corner.


That is the room! I do hope to update everyone with the new floating shelf once that is up. Maybe ill do a tutorial on how we build it too! I also plan to do room tours of our master bedroom, the boys rooms…and so forth. I will also give everyone a tour of the outside of the house eventually too.

This month for me has felt exhausting with all the moving, adjusting, starting school back and so forth… but I must admit, it has been fun having a new house to play with. :)

– Oh and the name plaques on our shelf units with the boys names/meanings came from Mimi’s Soda Shoppe off etsy. My friends mom runs that shop. She doesn’t have any listed right now but I bet she’d make you one if you e-mailed her via her shop. We love having one for each of the boys, they are some of my favorite pieces in our home.

– The Pillows too for those curious came from TJMaxx (the yellow bird one). The rest oddly enough, Walmart! The throws we’ve had for some time, mostly thrifted. :) The end tables TJ Maxx, the lamps we’ve had for a good while too, I’m pretty sure walmart lamps as well.

New Home School Room

ED9A3746One thing that we made sure to look for when we began house hunting months ago, was a school room. This could possibly be a 5th bedroom or a den. In the case of our home, it is a den. This honestly isn’t my “first option.” Only because the room is open to one side of the house and can’t be closed off. This isn’t a big deal as far as “looks” goes… but when you have four boys in a home, while schooling an older kid, your house may be a bit to loud at times. I have debated putting in a sliding “barn style” door to close it off to the hall way that connects to our living room space… but for now its open. This room does open up to the kitchen as well, but has french doors to close it off from the kitchen if need be.

The room features beautiful bay windows. I love them. Its a tad smaller than our other house school room, but its still a great size.

Today we had our first “FULL” day of school. With the move, we kind of dabbled some here and there with some of the boys school… but held off starting officially until this week.

Next week our home school co-op group begins meeting too. So it seemed like good timing.

The day went relatively smooth. The boys are excited I think for some new curriculum. Caleb especially is stoked that we get to learn about dinosaurs this year in science using Apologia. In case you miss my post earlier this summer, here is a look at our choice of curriculum.

Below are a few more photos. A small glimpse into our day schooling.





Toby (our cat) often hovers during school hours. Not sure why but he loves being with us, right at our feet.


My view from the school room, looking back towards the kitchen.



This small desk is new. I got it from Aldi for like 24 bucks. I couldn’t use our longer BLUE school table in this room. It just wouldn’t fit… so I intend to donate that table (cause it was a nice one!) to our church nursery room. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as we did.


Its funny, when I look at what Caleb (age 11 – 5th grade) is doing, I am like “wow… my baby is so grown, his books look so complicated now… ” Thank the Lord for DVDS that help to teach 5th grade and up… cause Lord knows I need that haha.. I can teach Owens age (grade K) with almost no guidance now. After doing it with two other kids, you almost have the lessons memorized. :) Funny how when you first start home schooling it scares you to death… I was always so fearful I was going to screw up my kindergartner… and that he would never learn to read. Thankful I stuck with it, I surprised myself and doubted for no reason.