On the Bed

I have an update I need to write up on our family. A few things have changed… no time right now though so in the mean time here are some cute photos of Reed on my bed. Little dude LOVES jumping on it. Yes I let him :)



His laughter over it makes it so worth it.


He’s getting so big.




He’s 18 months now. Hard to believe.


2 Year’s Spiritual Birthday

Hard to believe it has already been 2 years since Caleb our 1st born asked Jesus to come into his heart.

A precious, precious moment… and I can honestly say I have seen growth since.

We are blessed.


Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 6

I get to photograph baptism on occasion at our church. They try to provide professional photos for all the families who want it… I must admit, I really do enjoy doing it. I wish I had more of me to give to do this more often.

This is a friend of mine’s little boy who just got baptized a few weeks ago. Was a special double sided baptism service. They had baptism on both side of the church. I had the back lit spot and although the angle and lighting was tricky, I sure did love how they came out. I would share more but for the sake of family privacy and the fact I dont know the families getting baptized ill only post a few of my friends son, since I know she doesnt mind :)


I loved their new MADE NEW shirts they had for this service.


One song they sung in our service was called Victor’s Crown. It is a favorite of mine these days. The young lady who sings it at our church Abigail though blows the original Hillsong singer out of the water (no offense to her, shes great too) . I so wish I had her version to play here… FBCW digital peeps reading, we got it some place? :) ::wink wink::

Since I don’t though here is the hillsong version :) … but here is a photo of Abigail singing from that sunday ;-) – just so you get kind of a feel of that service.


We plan to celebrate Caleb’s Spiritual Birthday this thursday when Travis’ is off from work. Do you all celebrate spiritual birthdays? If so, what sort of traditions do you have surrounding those days? Im always up for ideas.

Odd feeling

3 days ago I got to experience a first. I was put under general anesthesia to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. I heard if you are going to have it done, that is the way to do it. So since we have good dental insurance, I went with that option. Prior to this visit I finally went in for a dental cleaning. It had been 5 years :-\ and 2 babies since my last cleaning. I knew something was not right going into this apt. …. was pretty sure something was wrong with my left wisdom tooth. Sure enough, it was broken on the back end of it and also had a rather large cavity. It was beyond repair. So the Dentist recommended I just go ahead and have all 4 of them removed to avoid problems later in life. I suppose its easier to have 4 cut out at age 30 than it would be at 50.

So I did… and let me tell you. Such an odd feeling! They started me on some “gas” – she compared it to drinking a lot of wine… as they had me breathing that stuff in they began prepping my arm for an IV. I was lucid enough at that point to tell her I was a hard stick. She began pushing around looking for a vein that would work. Looked on both arms, both wrist… and began prepping my left arm. I told her (still lucid enough to remember this), after 4 babies and many IV’s, the nurses have never gotten a good IV into my left arm.. so she then went back to my right. Sprayed some cold spray on it that numbs it? Why on earth btw dont they numb your skin for IVs in the hospital. What a difference! After that IV I remember the room began to fill up with clouds. Literally could not see below my cheeks… and then this really large (by large I mean EXTREMELY tall) man looked over me and said with a very deep voice “ARREEEE YOUUU OK???” and I remember just smiling at him saying yes… The Surgeon came over, looked at me and said “lets get this started.” and that was the last thing I remember.

Apparently I was unable to walk from the car to our house. They said I laughed, cried, fell to my knees kinda thing. Then Travis had to carry me upstairs to our bedroom where I slept for hours.

Someone brought their loopie mom flowers from our yard ?? #boymom #loved #wisdomteethrecoveryThe teeth seem to be healing fine. I had to be on the pain meds all day the 1st day and yesterday. They made me majorly sleepy, jittery and dizzy though. Was so hard to keep my head up. I lost 2 lbs (weighed myself this morning) – as I felt thin… I tell you if I dont eat, I shrivel up fast. I still cannot eat hard foods… this AM I had to eat soggy cereal :-\ – and my jaw is still bothering me a bit, especially my right side. Avoiding pain meds today if possible though so I wont be so dizzy…

Kids have been sweet. Bringing me flowers and praying for me.

While it is not a fun experience to have 4 teeth removed from your face… It sure is nice to relax a bit :) – just saying.

Thankful for my parents who came up for a week to help out while I was resting… and my husband who was off the last 2 days and took off an extra day today to be here incase needed. Had a few people asking how I was feeling, so thought a blog post would do the trick.

Thank’s yall for the prayers. Here is hoping things continue to heal… I avoid dry socket… and am good to go by next week.

Colors – It works so far

You all will think I am nuts when I tell you this. I seriously contemplated selling everything and living in an RV. No, forreal. I kinda sorta want too. We however probably will not :) – but there is a part of me that would love to try. While on my RV “search of information” spell, I found a blog called Inspiration Station. A family of 8, yes 6 kids… live in an RV. Full time. They are such a cute family too and seem totally normal :) – at least to me they do… but by our world aka social standards they are nuts. Lots of kids and no real house. To them though it is home. There is also a site called the Kellogg Show. This family has 12 kids! They also live in an RV. I am not sure I could do it with 12… this family inparticular seems a little to rough around the edges for my sanity too. Im all for big families. Trust me :) – but im also for structure… I watched a handful of the youtube videos they had on their channel and I was a bit disappointed if im honest… but I don’t know them personally so I wont say much more. Do not think I could live in an RV with 12 kids regardless of how they behaved ;-) but with 4, I bet we could. Don’t worry dad, we aren’t. It is just a random thought I had – that I was “actually” considering. Strange.

One thing I learned though while on Inspiration Station’s blog was how they keep clutter down – for obvious reasons. One thing she talked about was their color coding dish system. With such limited space she had to come up with a way to limit the amount of dishes used. So she gave each person in the family (or child) a color. Each child got ONE cup in their color, one plate in their color, one bowl and so on. Make sense? So if that child came to the kitchen and wanted a drink but could not find their cup in the “normal cup spot” – they would not be allowed to get a drink unless they found their cup.

I cannot even begin to tell you the frustration I have dealt with over cups. By the end of the day I had 15 cups to wash. No lie. Was down right crazy to wash that many cups or use that many.

So! I got color coded cups, plates & bowls for all the boys! I btw pre-color coding was big on ALL GLASS. I had no plastic cups really, only glass. I love glass… not a fan of plastics… but I am giving way to my OCD and anti-plastic desires and choosing plastic for this particular thing, in order to gain sanity with the cup situation. :) I don’t really think plastic is bad unless you microwave with it or put something hot in it. Since we don’t intend to drink hot drinks in these, I am ok with it.

These tumblers came from Dollar Tree. So pleased with their selection these days.
*The Purple cup looks slightly darker. That was my cup and it had tea… it really is a very pretty purple otherwise.*


Caleb is Green. Taite Blue. Owen Red. Travis Orange and myself Purple. Reed because he is still small and needs bottles/sippy cups… we don’t really have a special cup for him. I did however get him yellow plates. So when he is older he will be the color yellow… or possibly white. I haven’t decided ;-) – so far this system is working great! I have not had an endless supply of dirty cups to wash and instead of washing dishes twice a day, I only had to do them but once.

I did btw put all the other cups up high. This way the kids are not tempted to use them. They would have to get a step stool to even reach the normal cups now… We will still use them when guest come…

To end, a few random photos from a picnic we had on our back deck yesterday. Love this spring weather!






A Bedroom

This morning I was checking e-mails and with that task comes checking my facebook messages. I try not to stream facebook often. It sucks me in and I waste time… however since I run a business I do have to check my messages there as well…

While on there this morning I saw in my feeds a link to a write up about Children’s bedrooms around the globe. It caught my eye and so I clicked it.

As I scrolled through the images on this page… looking at all these children around the globe and the bedrooms they slept in. I was humbled. So often I get caught up in perfection. While I know it will never happen, ever. Even once my kids are gone and out of my home, a house almost never is perfect. Yet I strive so hard for that perfect home. Our home is 3 stories. Yes, 3. It is not elaborate but it is on the large side IMO. We are thankful for it.

Our drive way enters a double garage and from that you enter our basement. The basement consist of a study (my husbands) as well as a guestroom/playroom w/ Queen bed and a full bathroom. That room opens up onto a back deck that gives access to our backyard. It is a great set up. We love having that space since my family visits often. Gives them their own space to be when visiting.

On the main floor (technically our 2nd floor) we have our kitchen, living room, laundry room, den & school room. Typical I suppose for a main floor. I love how our home has large windows and an open floor plan. It really is a great layout even though at times I complain it is to loud, since it is so open.

Upstairs (the 3rd floor) we have 4 bedrooms… master/master bath, small nursery and then two normal sized bedrooms and another full bath. This floor in our home I must admit gets neglected. It is out of sight most of the day and therefore I don’t mess with it much. Majority of those who enter our home never see it. So it isn’t high on the priority list. Yet, I beat myself up so often about its imperfection.

How the kids leave closet doors open CONSTANTLY (drives me nuts), how they cant seem to keep clothes off the floor or beds made neatly. The bed making thing I do encourage but I have never been very firm on it because I don’t make my bed most days. So I feel a bit hypocritical asking them to do it, if I don’t. My kids do a lot of other chores and I guess because of that this has never seemed “super” important… That is just me. I would much rather them help do dishes, take out trash, etc…

I am trying very hard to weed out clutter in our home. We have very few TOYS upstairs. The boys are allowed a few toys to play with in their bed… but that is about it. Their closets are NOT packed full of toys. Less is essential here. I am finding the more TOYS we have, the more bickering we have. There really is no need to have a ton of nick knacks laying around.

Right now my goal is to scale down clothing. A TON. I think once I figure this out the messes will be much less and I am ok with the imperfections and organization my kids have with their things. As you can tell we have some critters in our home. Taite has a Hamster named Daisy (she’s new, his last hamster died recently). Caleb has a bearded dragon named August, a garter snake named Lief and LOTS of supplies to tend to them. Some of those supplies are live feed – so he requires lots of “stuff” to do what he does. I am just thankful he does it so I don’t have to.

With this post though of these children, it was just a reminder of how a bedroom really does not need to be perfection. It is a reminder of how blessed we are, messy bed and all. A reminder of what should be valued, that child. Not the mess. Being thankful for FOUR walls… without cracks in them or gaping holes. For soft carpet and mattresses… clean linen’s and light. We have so much and yet we can’t see how blessed we are.

So for personal therapy… I decided I would take photos of 2 of my children’s bedrooms to share their messes :) – I was going to photograph Reed’s but he was napping at the time. His room is bare though. Consist of an old crib and 1 dresser, that is it. He has no toys in his room and typically the only mess found there are his blankets or stuff toys he likes in his crib thrown on the floor. Or baskets of clothing I have yet to put away. Nothing to interesting… ;-)

I do not like that their room’s look sloppy in these photos… but I want to share with those reading that I am not perfect. We do not live in a perfected magazine home… and messes do occur in a house hold with 4 boys :)





Taite & Owen’s bed’s do bunk. They wanted them unbunked though.
Also they are way easier to make up and wash unbunked.



To View the Original Source of the Photos of Children’s bedrooms above CLICK HERE (its a great article, seriously click it)