If you are interested in advertising on my blog… please feel free to e-mail me at drea[at]dreawood.com

Here are some stats if needed.

I have over 1,500+ facebook followers
Between 20,000 -30,000 page loads per month
Around 750-1000 UNIQUE visits per day.
Almost 500+ Twitter Followers
1K plus followers on Pinterest
933 Instagram Followers

I do have one small “guideline…”
I MUST LOVE your site in order for it to even qualify…

Any company I showcase on my side bar is a company I have to try personally and love.
So if you are an interested company, let me try your services (product) 1st and you should be set, that is, if I love it.

I am the co-founder ofShe {hearts} It as well – so this opens an opportunity to not only share your site on my personal blog, but it as well.

Cost Per Ad: $25.00 a month – 180×180 right side bar

- Ads can be costume made to fit.
- I only feature STATIC ads, meaning no motion ads please.

Payments must be made via paypal.

Again, If you would like to purchase an ad e-mail me at

Ad may be taken down at any time…
You can pay up to 6 months in advance if you’d like as well.

Why advertise on my blog?

- Its a great way to draw traffic to your services/shops. Because my sponsors have to be from shops I have used and trust, readers take that into real consideration and are more incline to shop.

- To those curious why I offer sponsors…
As a WAHM and a larger family… I am trying hard to find ways to help aid my family financially… being able to do this is an incredible blessing to our family… and I also enjoy doing it, because I get to share some of my favorite shops with others.